Free From Fears – Wendy Power Stoten

Tap away your limits - ‘treat’ yourself to freedom

My name is Wendy and my aim is to get life-changing results for my clients so they can reach their full potential and live in the world ‘Free From Fears’.

With more than 30 years’ experience as a Business/Life Skills trainer and Energy Psychology practitioner, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients of all ages move forward to greater achievements in both their careers and personal lives.

I have gained the highest qualifications possible in my fields, and always keep up with latest developments and trainings especially in the exciting, rapidly changing world of Neuroscience, EFT and MR. Simply, I love and am passionate about what I do.

Whether working with private clients, those in business, sports, the arts, medicine or education, I am often told this love and passion is tangibly evident and the ‘X-factor’.


My base is in Marazion, Cornwall with sweeping views over St Michael’s Mount and the bay. A very special, peaceful place to welcome you to.


Coming to you whether at home, your office or workplace, school, college, hospital is always an open option. It’s whatever works best for you.


Skype or Facetime has allowed my client base to be worldwide with ‘virtual’ face-to-face sessions attaining equally effective results. Super convenient, too!

Wendy Power Stoten