Meeting 01/20, Tuesday 14th January 2020

Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Collins, Vincent, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh & Read Apologies:      Cllrs Britten & Clayton Visitors:         Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC and Canon Nigel Marns Prayers:         Canon Nigel Marns led the Council in Prayers 001 Public Participation. Before updating the Council on the following matters, Cllr Nicholas CC expressed […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Collins, Vincent, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllrs Britten & Clayton
  • Visitors:         Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC and Canon Nigel Marns
  • Prayers:         Canon Nigel Marns led the Council in Prayers

001 Public Participation.

Before updating the Council on the following matters, Cllr Nicholas CC expressed her thanks for the excellent Civic Service on Sunday (12th January):

  • Governance Review. There will be a public consultation on this early this year. No dates are yet known. She felt that face-to-face meetings with adjoining parishes might produce a common view.
  • She is pursuing the question of the Zebra Crossing at the Godolphin, and also the crossing at Newtown Lane.

002. Mayor’s Report. During the month of December 2019 the Mayor attended the following: on the 6ththe Christmas Lights Switch on at The Square, on the 10thCarols by Candlelight at All Saints Church and on the 15th Marazion Community Carol Service at the Methodist Chapel, Carol Service in aid of St. Petrocs at St. Michaels Mount and the Annual Christmas Concert, Marazion Apollo Male choir and Lanner and District Band at Marazion Community Centre.

003 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th December 2019. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Walsh, and seconded by Cllr John Nicholas that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

004 Matters arising from previous Minutes.

  • Minute 398 (Old lamp posts). The clerk updated the Council on the fact that a Streetworks licence was needed to remove, and re-site, the lamp-posts. Discussions were held as to whether the lamp-posts should be refurbished in situ, or whether they should be removed and re-sited in the Square after refurbishment. A decision will be taken when the costs are known
  • Minute 412 and 444(d) (Councillors’ Audit). This will have to await Cllr Britten’s return.
  • Minute 418 and 393 (Governance Review). This has been covered in Cllr Sue Nicholas’ report.
  • Minute 423 (Hedges in Marazion). The clerk reported that the blue copy of the Cormac form had been sent to them in respect of the extant hedge problem
  • Minute 423(b)(vi) (Refurbishment of undertaker’s hut at the cemetery). Cllr Read said he thought that, now the ivy had been removed, the lean-to appeared to be repairable and didn’t need to be removed. After discussion, and at Cllr Reynolds suggestion, it was agreed that quotes be obtained both to remove the lean-to and to repair it.
  • Minute 423(b)(vii) (Removal of excess soil from the cemetery). Cllr Collins said that this will be an ongoing problem. Excess earth is usually removed by the grave digger. Whilst Cllr Read will continue to seek a price for its removal, Cllr; Reynolds suggested that she and Cllr Collins meet with Ross Beard on site to discuss this matter.
  • Minute 423(b)(xi) (paint steps between Turnpike Road and St. Levan Road). This is to be deferred to the Spring when, hopefully, the weather will be more conducive to outdoor painting.
  • Minute 423(d) (allotments). The clerk reported that the Holder of 14 Island Field (IF) had not responded to his two letters. On the clerk’s advice it was agreed that the Council should take back possession and re-let it.

He also reported that, in an article in the Clerk magazine, it was stated that there was a statutory right to keep poultry.

The clerk reported that the Holder of 17 IF had written to give up his allotment, siting the rat problem as one of the reasons. The clerk was asked to send Cllrs Reynolds and Collins the up-to-date waiting list.

Cllr Reynolds reported that the Holder of an IF allotment was driving a van down to his allotment, and this was churning up the track, making it difficult for other Holders to drive along the track.

It was agreed that Cllrs Collins and Reynolds will have a site visit and report back to the Council.

  • Minute 430 (replacement of noticeboard). Cllr Trudgen reported that he had forwarded two quotes to the clerk and was waiting on the third one to arrive.
  • Minute 432(b) (Moss on paths in Memorial Garden). It was reported that whilst the salt had had some effect, the moss was re-growing again. Cllr Walsh will ask a neighbour of his with what she treats the moss on her access drive, as it seems to have some effect.
  • Minute 449(a) (Signage for events). Cllr Trudgen reported that there are a number of other signs in the Store and that what is needed is new insets, rather than whole new signs. Cllr Hosking advised that Brandons will provide inserts for the Council’s frames at approximately £25.00 per sign. The Council will have to decide on the wording.
  • Minute 458(c) (soil to level graves). Cllr Collins reported that he had spoken with Malcolm Heather, who had told him that a lot of gravestones have sunk and will not look right if he levels the ground. Cllr Collins has also met with Mr. Heather at the cemetery. Following this, it is appreciated that a lot of the gravestones are now unsafe, having possibly been loosened by the prolonged wet weather. The clerk was instructed to ask Mr. Victor Cowley to do a check on the headstones and graves as soon as possible
  • Minute 462(b) (Asset Risk Assessments). The clerk reported that these had now been passed to councillors to deal with.



005. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

  • Current Account                                 £       100.00
  • High Interest Business Account         £  59,523.66
  • NS & I Account                                  £188,441.87


  • Petty Cash spent in December                       £0.00



  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Cornish Heritage Builders (repairs to Folly Field WCs) 2 invoices for total £   237.96
  • Vaughan Glover (playground inspections & small repair)                             £   240.00
  • Complete Business Solutions Group Ltd (magenta toner cartridge)              £     91.01
  • Peter Retallick (Community Champion awards)                                           £   110.28
  • Cllr Derek Laity (to reimburse money paid out for Civic Service supplies) £   602.29

Direct Debits from bank statement dated 9th December

  • HMRC (VAT)                                                                                                 £1,184.66
  • EDF (sundry electrical direct debits)                                                             £   239.00
  • Sage Software Ltd (Sage programme)                                                           £     24.00
  • BT Group Plc (telephone and internet bill)                                                    £   190.40


  • Executor of the late Mr. J. F. Pollard (additional wording on memorial)      £     18.00

Direct credits from bank statement dated 9th December 2019

  • EDF (Maypole Garden credit)                                                                        £     42.73
  • Mr. J. Nicholas (garage rent)                                                                          £     50.00
  • Barclays (quarter’s interest 02.09.19 to 01.12.19)                                         £     31.24

It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Vincent that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

006 Planning

 Applications for Planning Permission

PA19/09767. Listed Building Consent: Replacing existing slate roof on side and front elevation with wet laid new slates to match re-slating previously carried out on rear elevation (application PA17/12042). Renewal of existing guttering and down pipes to match existing. Stable Yard Cottage, Turnpike Hill. Ms Alexia Bylett. On the proposal of Cllr Collins, seconded by Cllr John Nicholas, it was unanimously resolved to support the application

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council

PA19/08557. Replacement flat roof with improved falls and thermal insulation, addition of 3 no. new rooflights, removal of external escape walkway, relocation of external fire escape stair, revised glazing and external door to North West elevation, existing flat roof converted to private roof terrace for room 27. The Mount Haven Hotel. Mr. Harvey Thomas, St. Aubyn Estates.

PA19/10019. Mr. Martin Bray. Land at Gwallon Lane. Electricity Act 1989: Overhead lines (Exception) (England & Wales) Regulations 2009: relocation of 1 wooden pole not exceeding 12m in height with overhead lines attached as per plan JW0498 (no objections)

007 Correspondence

  • Receive and approve Mr. Glover’s playground reports for December 2019. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved.
  • Letter from South West Water dated 10th December 2019 re. Square WCs. This having been circulated, was noted.
  • E-mail from resident re. hedge overhanging the highway. This, having been circulated, was discussed. It was felt that the overhanging vegetation wasn’t a great problem here, but Cllr Laity will inspect and report.

Councillors’ Reports

008. Cllr Trudgen reported that, perhaps due to the inclement weather, the door to the East End Garage store was very difficult to open. Cllr John Nicholas agreed to plane off some wood to remedy this.

009. Cllr Reynolds mentioned the Flood Plan. She reminded councillors that the person responsible at the Mount had yet to let the Council have a sight of the relevant parts of their general Emergency Plan.

010. Cllr Walsh reported that some lettering was still missing for the Gwallon Lane signage. The clerk reported that this had been reported to Cormac, who had responded in terms that this was low priority and, due to budgetary constraints, the sign was unlikely to be rectified soon

011. Cllr Vincent reported that the scaffolding erected for the Christmas Lights will be taken down this week, weather permitting.

012. Cllr Collins reported on the Gwallon Lane playground. There are various imponderables to be dealt with before extra land can be allotted to the playground, but in principle, the Playing Fields Association is agreeable to the enlargement of the playground.

013 Clerk’s Report

  • Litter bins and emptying contracts. The clerk reported on the message left on the Council’s voicemail, to the effect that the Contract for rubbish collection had yet to be decided, but that he would try to come back to the Council as soon as possible about bins on devolved land. Cllr Reynolds suggested having two large wheelie bins which can be emptied at the same time as those of the Estate.
  • Folly Field toilets opening. The clerk’s report about this having been circulated previously, the Council was advised that this was due to an error, which had been acknowledged and for which an apology had been received.
  • Damage to a headstone. Details of this having been previously circulated, the clerk was instructed to ask Mr. Cowley to look at it at the same time as inspecting the other headstones
  • Toilets subcommittee meeting. It was agreed that a meeting should be held, and the date was set for Friday 17th
  • Civic Service Wash-up. It was generally agreed that this had been an extremely successful event. Cllr Laity thanked Cllr Trudgen for his work. It was felt that two extra stewards would be beneficial, as would extra signage. Cllr Hosking said she was waiting to hear back from the Young Farmers about the willingness of some members to do the road-steward training.

It was reported that the awards had been well received. The Mayor suggested that the mayor for the time being might benefit from having an assistant on the day to undertake various works. The clerk was instructed to book the Hall, and the bands, for next year, 10th January 2021

014. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.59 hours.

Town Mayor