Meeting 04/19, Tuesday 26th February 2019

  Present:Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Britten & Read, Clayton, Trudgen &Vincent Apologies:   Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:  Ms Helen Greig Public Speaking 142. The Clerk and the Council outlined the accountancy work that was needed, both to change the obsolete SAGE package, bring on stream a new package and, thereafter, […]


  • Present:Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Britten & Read, Clayton, Trudgen &Vincent
  • Apologies:   Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:  Ms Helen Greig

Public Speaking

142. The Clerk and the Council outlined the accountancy work that was needed, both to change the obsolete SAGE package, bring on stream a new package and, thereafter, do the book-keeping, VAT returns and monthly PAYE work. As previously decided, the Council agreed that Ms Greig, being happy to do so, should undertake these works on a self-employed basis. She will liaise with the clerk, so as to be able to advise on the best package to adopt (SAGE not necessarily being so) after seeing what was involved

 Minutes of the Meeting held on 12thFebruary 2019 and of the Extra Meetings held on 15thJanuary and 15thFebruary 2019

 143 These Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Vincent and seconded Cllr Trudgen that these three sets of minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

 Matters arising from previous Minutes

144.Minutes 038 and 022. (Defibrillator for the Town Hall) The clerk reported on Paul Williams’ (Ronnie Richards Memorial Charity) e-mail, that had previously been circulated. He reported that he had drafted a Listed Building application, over which Cllr Clayton agreed to cast an eye.

145. Minutes 040 and 026. (Consideration of Cormac’s quote of 18thJanuary 2019 for lining out parking spaces at East End Garages and The Square). The further e-mail from Mr. Rose (dated 19thFebruary) having been previously circulated the Council decided (a) to have the collapsible bollards and (b) not to pursue lining out parking bays in the Square, because on investigation, there would be fewer bays available than at present. It was thought appropriate to ask Cormac to line out the “keep clear” markings in front of the properties of two residents.

146. Minute 048c. The e-mail from Mrs. Cramp having been circulated, the situation was noted.

Councillors Reports:

 147. Cllr Vincent reported that Mr. Tucker had asked him whether to continue to cut the Pampas Grass opposite the Folly Field. He had told Mr. Tucker to continue until Cormac removed it, which it was on their schedule to do. The Council agreed with this course of action.

148. Cllr Collins enquired whether the flower bed at the Folly Field could be cleared by Mr. Heather, as had started last year, with daffodil bulbs being planted in the autumn. The clerk was instructed to ask Mr. Heather to deal with this.

149. Cllr Laity: (a) reported on the Community Network Panel meeting that had taken place on 21stFebruary and (b) reminded Councillors of the St. Piran’s Day celebration at the School, on Tuesday 5thMarch.

150. Cllr Read reported on the e-mail he had circulated from the Clerk to Portreath Parish Council with details of their new, multi-door, separate cubicle, public conveniences. Although a substantial capital project, he felt that this sort of arrangement should be borne in mind in future arrangements.


 151 Applications for planning permission

Before the following applications were dealt with, Cllr Read declared an interest and left the room. Cllr Vincent did likewise in respect of planning application PA19/01367.

PA19/01070. Change of use of agricultural land to create a permanent overflow parking facility to be used in conjunction with Mount Haven Hotel. Land to the east of the Mount Haven Hotel, Turnpike Road. Mr. H. Thomas, St. Aubyn Estates. It was proposed by Cllr Collins that the application be supported. This was seconded by Cllr Clayton and carried unanimously.

PA19/01133. Erection of 40 dwellings including 14 affordable homes, construction of new access to Jubilee Close, estate road and parking, diversion of existing public right of way and provision of drainage infrastructure and landscaping. Land at Churchway, Marazion, Cornwall TR17 0DT. Mr. Shaun Brown, Galliford Try Partnerships and LiveWest. After considerable discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Vincent and carried unanimously, that the application be supported in principle subject to there being addressed the Council’s concerns about the impact of the development on the School and the Surgery, and also about the access to the development through Churchway.

PA19/01367. Conversion of loft space and construction of rear flat roof dormer. Kantara, Fore Street. Mr. & Mrs. Morgan. It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Trudgen and carried unanimously that the application be supported.

It was noted that the following planning permission had been granted:

PA18/11356. Mr. Spencer & Mrs. Elsje Smart. Castle View, North Street. Listed Building Consent application for replacement of six wooden windows on the south-west elevation.

And that no planning applications had been refused.


152 The clerk reported that the following had been received:-

  • E-mail from Cornwall Streetworks Team re. extended closure of Footpath 14 until 8thMarch 2020. This having previously been circulated, the situation was noted.

153 Clerk’s Report

  • Receive and approve Annual Data Protection Report. The clerk, having previously circulated his report, the Council noted, and approved, it
  • Receive and approve Asset Risk Assessment forms (previously circulated) for (a) bus shelters. With regard to the one at the entrance to the Folly Field car-park, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will speak to St. Aubyn Estate about it (b) East End Garages. In view of the recommendation to paint these, the clerk was asked to instruct Mr. Robert Hosking to give a quote for redecoration. (c) seats. The clerk also read out the e-mail received during the afternoon before the meeting, from Mr. Glover. It was agreed that Mr. Glover should be asked to renovate and/or stain those benches in need of attention, as well as the boat in the Memorial Garden and (d) Beacon Brazier. With regard to the Brazier, it was decided to defer a decision on this until the Mayor and Deputy had met with the landowner
  • Allotment update. The clerk advised the Council that both vacant allotments, 8a and 14 Island Field, had been let to new tenants.

Financial and Confidential matters

154 Receive Profit and Loss account, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Prior Year Report and Budget Variance report for January 2019. These having been previously circulated were noted.

155 Receipts and Payments


  • Burroughs & Kearey (interment of the late Mr. Richards)                                        £591.00
  • Burroughs & Kearey (interment of the late Mrs. Streets)                                          £591.00
  • HMRC (VAT repayment, by bank credit)                                                                   £780.64
  • S. Row (memorial fee for the late Mrs. R. Row, by bank credit) £139.00
  • Mr. F. I. J. Nicholas (garage rent)                                                                               £  50.00


Approve the payments listed on the payments schedule


  • NS&I (transfer from Barclays account, Minute 045b of 03/19)                                £40,000.00
  • Chubb Fire & Security Ltd (fire extinguisher contract)                                             £134.69
  • Malcolm Heather (1 cut to footpaths 2018 £540.00; Cemetery work in January £574.00)  £1,114.00
  • Richard Tucker (sundry gardening and clearance works)                                          £     190.00
  • Stephens Scown LLP (cost between 25.01.19 and 21.02.19)                        £  1,490.40
  • The Information Commissioner (Data Protection registration)                                 £       40.00
  • British Gas (Folly Field WC electricity, by DD)                                                        £     113.49
  • EDF (Sundry electrical DDs)                                                                                     £     173.00

It was proposed Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Britten that the payments be paid, carried unanimously.

156. East End Garages. (Redacted)

157.There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 21.14 hours.

Town Mayor