Meeting 05/19, Tuesday 12th March 2019

Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Mrs. Reynolds, Clayton & Read Apologies:      Cllrs Vincent, Britten, Collins & Read Visitors:         Cllr Sue Nicholas CC & The Reverend Paul Benney Prayers:         The Reverend Benney led the Council in Prayers.  158. Public Participation Cllr Sue Nicholas updated the Council on the following: She is […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Mrs. Reynolds, Clayton & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllrs Vincent, Britten, Collins & Read
  • Visitors:         Cllr Sue Nicholas CC & The Reverend Paul Benney
  • Prayers:         The Reverend Benney led the Council in Prayers.

 158. Public Participation

Cllr Sue Nicholas updated the Council on the following:

  • She is still waiting to hear from Highways about the Community Network Panel highways projects.
  • She has raised with the planning officers the same concerns that the Council raised regarding the new development at Churchway.
  • The matter of a path across The Dunes is still under consideration. Natural England have said that a boardwalk is not acceptable.
  • There will be a Highways Open Day at Scorrier in April
  • The next Community Network Panel meeting is on 21stMarch
  • In answer to a question from Cllr Trudgen (about “ignore your satnav” signs at the bottom of Virgin Hill) she advised that the Town Council could not attach its own signs to the Cornwall Council sign without consent from Cornwall Council

159. Mayor’s Report. The Mayor reported to the Council on the functions and events she had attended since the date of her last report. She also thanked Cllr Laity for his work in organising the successful St. Piran’s Day celebration

160 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 26thFebruary 2019. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Laity, and seconded by Cllr Trudgen that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

Matters arising from previous Minutes.

161. Minutes 144,038and 022(Listed Building Consent for a defibrillator). The clerk reported that he would need to photograph where the defibrillator was to go and obtain a photograph of the defibrillator itself.

162. Minute 151b. (Churchway planning application). Cllr Laity reported that he has spoken with Ms Rainbow who confirmed that she had not been consulted. Cllr Sue Nicholas advised that, as Statutory Consultees, both the School and the Surgery would be consulted on the planning application.


163. Correspondence. None

 164. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

  • Current Account                                 £       100.00
  • High Interest Business Account         £ 60,910.89
  • NS & I Account                                  £138,441.87


  • Petty Cash spent in February              £           0.00


  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Stephens Scown LLP (fees relating to lease renewal and licence to assign two invoices £1,200.00 and £300.00)                         £1,500.00
  • Vaughan Glover (weekly and monthly playground checks, repair crane tower at Folly Field and replace two gate posts at Gwallon Lane)                                                                   £   360.00
  • Ross Beard (sexton fees for graves in December 2018: Mesdames Richards & Scott)                                                     £   600.00
  • Fire Crest Fire Protection Ltd. (Annual fire extinguisher service)                £   248.88
  • Jewson Ltd. (Supplies for repairs to playground)                                          £     74.64
  • Miller Commercial LLP (fees for work done in (a) completing FF lease (£840.00) and (b) East End Garages dispute (£1,050.00)                                  £1,890.00
  • St. Aubyn No 9 account (1/2 year’s allotment rents)                                     £     80.00
  • Complete Business Solutions Ltd. (Stationery)                                             £   109.92
  • Society of Local Council Clerks (procurement training course)                    £     85.00                                                          

Receipts – None

It was proposed by Cllr John Nicholas and seconded Cllr Clayton that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously. At the request of the Mayor, it was agreed that the cheque payable to Marazion in Bloom could instead be made out to Marazion & District Forum.

165 Planning

 Applications for Planning Permission. None

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council. The following were noted.

PA18/11112. Mr. A Hearn. Rosemerryn, East End, Turnpike Road. Change of material to section of roof

PA18/11282. Mr. C. Menear. Seacrest, Leys Lane. Retention of existing flat roof dormer and window (previously approved PA15/11538)

PA19/00246. Miss D. Kennedy & Mr. L. Harvey. 5 Godolphin Terrace. Single storey rear extension, alterations and installation of windows and doors, additional parking area.

PA19/00423. Mr LiveWest. 3 St. Levan Road. Provision of vertical platform lift.

166 Correspondence

  • E-mail from Ms Cummings re. bench request. The Council agreed that Ms Cummings could place a bench in the cemetery, but that it would have to be a granite one, with the inscription approved by the Council, and sited where the Council stipulated. She should be asked to liaise with Mr. Cowley of Long Rock Memorials
  • Receive and approve Mr. Glover’s playground reports for February. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved.
  • E-mail from Cornwall Council re. Interreg Funding Opportunity. This having previously been circulated, the Council agreed to send the pro forma letter of support
  • E-mail from Mr. Kearon re. Folly Fest. This having previously been circulated, was noted

Councillors’ Reports

167Cllr Laity tabled two suggested menus, one from the Cutty Sark and one from the Godolphin, in respect of the Mayor Choosing dinner. The Council resolved to hold the dinner at the Cutty Sark

168. Cllr Hosking reported that the plastic fence at the Folly Field had come adrift. The clerk was asked to arrange for Mr. Glover to deal with it.

169. Cllr John Nicholas reported that the wrong kind of soap was still being used in the Folly Field Wallgates. It was agreed that the clerk would e-mail the Godolphin Arms after Cllrs Hosking and Laity had spoken to the lady in charge.

170 Clerk’s Report

The clerk reported on the following:

Double Yellow Lines at Trevenner Lane. Resolve to pay £836.00 (approximately) for 100m of Double Yellow Lines. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Read and carried unanimously, that this be paid.

Planning application PA18/11486. The clerk reported that he had, on instructions from the Mayor, e-mailed the planning officer to call this matter in to Committee.

Completion of the Data Protection registration with the ICO for the year to 23.03.2020. This was noted

Request to put a wooden cross to mark a grave in the cemetery. The Council decided that this would not be allowed and that only a headstone, of the approved size, would be permitted.

Confidential matters

171 The following were considered:

  1. Resolve to increase clerk’s hourly rate from 1st April as per National Salary Award. The scale having previously been circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Hosking, seconded by Cllr Laity and carried unanimously that the clerk’s rate of remuneration be increased in accordance with the scale
  2. The clerk reported that he had asked Ms Greig what her hourly charge would be and had been advised by her that it was (amount redacted) per hour. The Council felt this was very reasonable. The clerk also read out the e-mails from Ms Greig, advising that SAGE would be the best option to use. It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen that Ms Greig’s hourly rate be accepted and that the Council should proceed with the SAGE programme that she had recommended. This was seconded by Cllr Clayton and carried unanimously.
  3. Consideration of candidates for Co-option. The Council felt that, in order to widen the pool of applicants, a further advertisement should be undertaken. The clerk was asked to advise if this was permissible. The clerk said that he thought it was.

172. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.50 hours.

Town Mayor