Meeting 06/20, Tuesday 28th April 2020

Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh, Trudgen, Collins, Vincent, Britten (from 19.45 hours) & Read Apologies:      Cllr Clayton & Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:         No member of the Public had expressed a wish to join the on-line meeting  Public Participation. None. 070. Mayor’s Report. The Mayor opened the […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh, Trudgen, Collins, Vincent, Britten (from 19.45 hours) & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllr Clayton & Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:         No member of the Public had expressed a wish to join the on-line meeting 

Public Participation. None.

070. Mayor’s Report. The Mayor opened the meeting at 19.35 hours by saying that the Council was today making history, as it was the first ever “remote” meeting of the Council.

071 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th March 2020. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, and seconded by Cllr Walsh that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

072 Matters arising from previous Minutes.

    1. Minute 398 of 18/19 (Old lamp posts). The Council agreed that this should be deferred until lockdown had been lifted. (This will be referred to as “deferral agreed” in other Minutes)
    1. Minute 412 of 18/19 and 444(d) of 21/19 (Councillors’ Audit). This having been satisfactorily completed, it was agreed that it can be taken off the Agenda.
    1. Minute 418 of 19/19 and 393 of 18/19 (Governance Review). Deferral agreed.
    1. Minute 423(b)(vi) of 19/19 (Refurbishment of undertaker’s hut at the cemetery). Deferral agreed.
    1. Minute 423(b)(vii) of 19/19 (Removal of excess soil from the cemetery). Cllr Collins reported that he had spoken to a member of the Estate. He will pursue the matter as best as lockdown allows.
    1. Minute 430 of 20/19 (replacement of noticeboard). It was reported that the Order had been placed.
    1. Minute 432(b) of 20/19 (Moss on paths in Memorial Garden). Cllr Collins reported that Mr. Heather had been instructed to deal with this.
    1. Minute 462(b) of 22/19 (Asset Risk Assessments). The clerk was asked to circulate them before the next meeting, so councillors could report on any urgent works in respect of assets for which they had prepared a report. Cllr Collins reported that some maintenance was required on some of the seats. As none had Health & Safety implications, these could be left for the time being.
    1. Minute 013(a) of 01/20 (Litter bins). Deferral agreed.
    1. Minute 022 of 02/20 (VE-Day celebration). Cllr Laity said that he would brief the Council under Councillors’ Reports.
    1. Minute 026(c)(i) and (ii) of 02/20. (Folly Field toilets). Cllr Trudgen reported that the new flooring had been laid in the Gents’ toilets and that Mr. Ayotte had been asked to replace the pans, which he will do when his self-isolation is over. Cllr Trudgen will replace the Donations Box
    1. Minute 050(iii) of 04/20 (Operation London Bridge). Cllr Laity reported that he was still in the process of writing a short plan to enable the Council to cover the situations envisaged.
    1. Minute 053(a) of 04/20 (Painting the Dollan). Deferral agreed.
    1. Minute 049(i) of 04/20 (flaunching in drain serving WCs in the Square). Cllr Read reported that he had spoken to Mr. Wyatt whose company was in lockdown measures. Cllr Read will speak to him again.
    1. Minute 062(b) of 05/20 (Letter from Marazion Playing Field Association). Deferral agreed.
    1. Minute 064 of 05/20 (planting of cleared bed in the Folly Field). Cllr Collins reported that Mr. Heather will plant the bed when he can obtain plants, Garden Centres and Nurseries being locked down.
    1. Minute 066 of 05/20 (Stone at entrance to Warspite Way) Deferral agreed.

073 Planning

Applications for Planning Permission. Before the following application was discussed, Cllr Read declared an interest and took part in neither the discussion nor the vote.

PA19/09749. PA20/02261. Listed Building Consent. Replacement of all seven windows to front elevation. Old School House, Turnpike Hill. Mr. Basil Howard. It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Walsh and carried unanimously that the application be supported but on terms that the replacement windows be (a) of wood (b) of the exact same design as those to be replaced and (c) single glazed

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council: None notified

PA19/08899. Roundfields, Rosehill. Demolish modern extension and garage, erection of two storey side extension with rear access ramp. Mr. Graham Else

 Councillors’ Reports

074. Pointing of Memorial Garden Wall (Cllr Reynolds). After Cllr Reynolds’ report, it was agreed that she and Cllr Read would prepare a Works Specification that could be used to put out to tender. The clerk was asked to provide those councillors with the appropriate form

075. Cllr Laity updated the Council on the VE Day celebrations. He said that the Commemoration Service was unlikely to take place. However, as he did not feel that the event should go unnoticed, he was proposing to lay a wreath at the War memorial on behalf of the Council. Cllr Trudgen will (if available) read the extract from “For the Fallen” and Mr Elliott had agreed to photograph the event for posting on local Social Media.

076. Cllr Laity updated the Council on the on-going work of the Marazion Covid Coordination Forum. The sterling work of Mr. Kearon, and others, was noted with great appreciation.

077 Cllr Collins reported on the footpath between the cemetery and Perranuthnoe, which still had some subsidence across the path. Cormac had been informed and had put tape round the subsidence (the tape was still there). The clerk was asked to report the matter to Cormac again, once a photograph had been supplied to him

078 Correspondence

  • Receive and approve RoSPA playground reports for the Folly Field and Football Field playgrounds. These, having previously been circulated, were noted and approved. Cllr Collins reported that Cllr Read was dealing with the issue of the bin at the Folly Field playground. As to the Football Field playground, there were various highlighted issues that needed to be addresses. The Playgrounds subcommittee will arrange to meet on site and review the situation, such meeting observing all necessary Social Distancing and safety precautions
  • E-mail from allotment holder regarding an exchange. After Cllr Reynolds reported, it was agreed that the two allotment holders could exchange their allotments. The clerk was asked to send an up-to-date list of allotment holders to Cllrs Reynolds and Collins.

079 Clerk’s Report

  • To resolve to adopt supplementary Standing Orders to meet the statutory requirements for the holding of remote meetings, and this lasts until May 7th, 2021 or the repeal of legislation whichever is the earlier. The information from CALC having been previously circulated, it was unanimously agreed, on the proposal of Cllr Walsh, seconded by Cllr Hosking, that the supplementary standing orders be adopted.
  • Approve donation to Children’s Hospice South West in lieu of payment to Sailflags, for NHS support flag and banner (Officer Delegated Decision 08/20). (This donation is at the request of Sailflags). It was proposed by Cllr Collins, seconded by Cllr Reynolds and resolved that in pursuance of the power conferred by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of this section and is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure, the Council approved the payment of £100.00 to Children’s Hospice South West.
  • From Cornwall Council’s weekly planning list:
    • Refusal of planning permission for PA20/01614. Mr. G. Stubbs. Camelot House, West End. Provision of balcony structure & external staircase (amended design to previous approval PA13/11652)
    • Withdrawal of PA20/02253. St. Aubyn Estates. South Cottage, Green Lane. Construction of 2-storey mundic extension, extension of domestic curtilage and creation of additional parking for South Cottage Green Acres.
    • Approval of PA20/01936. Amendment to previous approval PA19/04143. Proposed garage and rear extension and associated works. Sowenna, Gwallon Lane. Mr. & Mrs. S. Harvey

The Council agreed to resume the normal schedule of meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, albeit by remote, on-line, means


080. Approve the payments listed on the payments schedule



  • Cornwall Council (Business Rates – Memorial Garden)                   £  54.39
  • Cornwall Council (Business Rates – Cemetery)                                £490.53
  • Cornwall Council (Business Rates – Folly Field)                              £239.52
  • Cornwall Council (Business Rates – Square public toilets)               £835.83
  • One cheque for                                                                                               £1,620.27
  • RoSPA (annual playground inspections)                                                        £   181.20
  • Marazion Town Trust (half-yearly Chamber and Museum rent)                   £2,500.00
  • Sailflags (Union Jack ordered. Minute 063 of 05/20)                                                £     42.00
  • Helston Town Band (playing at Civic Service)                                              £   150.00
  • 1st Office Equipment Ltd (copier maintenance charge)                                 £     79.54
  • Multesign Systems UK Ltd (signage)                                                            £     70.00
  • Eden Flooring & Interiors (Folly Field WC floor repairs P.O. 03/20)           £2,862.00

It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Walsh that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

081. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.42 hours.

Town Mayor