Meeting 07/17, 11th April 2017

Present:          Cllrs Britten, Row, Eddy, Trudgen, Laity, Mrs. Scrase, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Hosking, Mrs. Reynolds, Vincent & Read Apologies:      None Visitors:         Cllr Sue Nicholas CC Prayers:          In the absence of the Reverend Benney, Cllr Mitchell led the Council in Prayers  101. Public Participation. Cllr Nicholas CC reported: With regard to the fencing at […]

Present:          Cllrs Britten, Row, Eddy, Trudgen, Laity, Mrs. Scrase, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Hosking, Mrs. Reynolds, Vincent & Read

Apologies:      None

Visitors:         Cllr Sue Nicholas CC

Prayers:          In the absence of the Reverend Benney, Cllr Mitchell led the Council in Prayers

 101. Public Participation.

Cllr Nicholas CC reported:

  • With regard to the fencing at the top of Fore Street, she had been advised by Highways that the responsibility lay with the property owner. Highways will investigate and take further appropriate action
  • With regard to Seacrest, the planning managers felt that as planning permission for the balcony had already been granted, there were no grounds for refusing the amendments, so it had been approved.
  • She is still waiting for a response to her request for a contribution from Highways towards the cost of double yellow lines.
  • The repainting of the “No Entry” road marking in North Street is on Cormac’ work schedule

Cllr Eddy raised the poor state of the embankment between the Drill Hall and the housing estate. Cllr Hosking explained that Cormac now had the contract for its maintenance from the Housing Association.

102. Mayor’s Report. The Mayor reported to the Council on the functions and events he had attended since the date of his last report

103 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 28th March 2017. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Row, and seconded by Cllr Trudgen that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously save that Cllr Vincent abstained as he hadn’t then been present.

Matters arising from previous Minutes.

104. Minute 080 and 088. (The Gwelva). The clerk said that, at the last meeting, he hadn’t heard from the Estate. This wasn’t correct and apologised. The clerk said that the Estate had told him that the work was on their schedule of work, but was not a high priority

105. Minute 090. (Post Box by Folneth). The clerk updated the Council on the e-mail received from Mr. Binney. Cllr Mitchell reported that the post box was now back in operation.

106 Minute 091. Cllr Mitchell reported that she had met Cormac’s representative, who will be sending a quote for the work.

107. Minute Cllr Trudgen reported that he and Cllr Eddy had put up the rope light.

108. Cllr Mitchell raised concerns about work under the planning consent granted for the late Mr. Varker’s property. Cllr Nicholas CC asked that she be given details of the planning application and she would then investigate with Enforcement. Cllr Hosking raised concerns about deliveries being left on the Highway.


109. Correspondence.

  • Cornwall Council Rate demand for the Folly Field toilet. The clerk reported that as this Small Business Rate Relief had been applied to this property, instead of the cemetery, there was no rate payable for these toilets, a saving of about £3,000.00
  • Request for a donation by Drama Express. It was proposed by Cllr Eddy, seconded by Cllr Read and resolved that in pursuance of the power conferred by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of this section and is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure, the Council approved (by 8 votes in favour and 3 abstentions) the payment of a grant of £100.00.

110. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

  • Current Account £100.00
  • High Interest Business Account £143,841.24
  • NS & I Account £1,795.62

Petty Cash spent in February £4.92


  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Cornwall Council (Rates for Folly Field) £202.16
  • Cornwall Council (Rates for cemetery) £336.94
  • Cornwall Council (Rates for Memorial Garden)  £44.06
  • Cornwall Council (Rates for toilets in the Square) £699.79
  • Davey & Gilbert Ltd (Wallgate washer work at WCs) £196.80
  • Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA post-installation report) £474.00


  • Penwith Funeral Services (the late Mr. Terry Matthews’ interment) £574.00
  • Mrs. Y. Groves (allotment rent 13 Island Field) £15.00
  • Mr. Allen (allotment rent 4 Rosehill) £15.00
  • Ms Sparrow (allotment rent 7a Island Field) £15.00
  • Mr. Shorland (allotment rent 19 Island Field) £15.00

It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Vincent that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

111. Planning

Applications for Planning Permission. Before the following applications were considered, Cllr Read declared an interest and left the room, remaining outside until all had been considered.

PA17/01068. Conversion of garage to form bedroom, cladding of existing dwelling house to update insulation and overall aesthetics, construction of balcony. Long Rock View, Feliskirk Lane. Mr. & Mrs. Crebo. It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Eddy, that the application be supported. This was carried by 9 votes in favour with 1 abstention.

PA17/02860. Rear single storey extension of exiting terrace over, installation of side windows on ground floor. 6 Godolphin Terrace. Mr. & Mrs. G. Beckett. It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Trudgen, that this application be supported. This was carried by 8 votes in favour with 2 abstentions

It was noted that the following applications for Planning permission had been approved by Cornwall Council

PA17/01713. Mr. & Mrs. J. Leggatt. Trevalgan, Feliskirk Lane. First floor rear dormer extension and formation of terrace on part of existing flat roof.

PA17/01421. Mr. C. Menear. Seacrest, Leys Lane. Amendment to previously approved second floor roof terrace to incorporate a slated dormer doorway access.

It was noted that the Council had been notified of the following Planning Appeal

APP/D0840/W/17/3167590. Demolition of existing garage and construction of self contained annexe accommodation (planning ref. PA16/04574). Bel Air, Rosehill.

112. Correspondence

RoSPA post-installation report of 30th March 2017. Before this was discussed, the Council discussed other matters relating to the Folly Field playground:

  • The matter of a replacement gate, raised by Mr. Glover, was discussed. Cllr Laity proposed that the Council buy a galvanized gate. This was seconded by Cllr Eddy. Before a vote was taken, Cllr Trudgen proposed that a wooden, not a galvanized, gate be obtained. This was seconded by Cllr Britten and a vote taken at which the motion was defeated by 6 votes against with 4 in favour. Consequently, Cllr Laity’s proposal for a galvanized gate was carried 6 votes in favour with 4 against.
  • The Council is content for Mr. Glover to repair the gate to which the clerk had referred.
  • The question of replacement picnic tables was discussed. Cllr Row proposed that these be of plastic rather than timber. Cllr Laity seconded this but before a vote could be taken, Cllr Trudgen proposed that they be of timber, not plastic. Cllr Trudgen’s proposal was seconded by Cllr Read and on a vote, it was carried by 7 votes in favour with 4 against.
  • The Council agreed that every effort should be made to accommodate disabled visitors to the playground.

The Council then considered the RoSPA report. Cllr Read made various comments but summed up by saying that, basically, RoSPA was content with the state of the playground. Although HAGS had intimated that they should finish work on 12th April, it was felt unlikely that the playground could be open by Easter.

Councillors’ Reports

113. Cllr Trudgen raised the question of electrical testing supplies to the other properties for which the Council was responsible, in addition to the Maypole Garden and the two sets of toilets. Cllr Trudgen had in mind the Lighting point in the Square and the East End Garages and Store. It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Vincent, that all supplies be tested. Carried unanimously.

114. Cllr Laity ran through the points on the subcommittee’s report, highlighting the various recommendations. Cllr Britten proposed that, rather than take each recommendation individually, all the recommendations be agreed in toto. This was seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously.

115. Cllr Reynolds reported on her conversation with Mr. Malcolm Heather concerning the cutting in the cemetery. She agreed he should do whatever was necessary to get on top of the cutting, with which the Council agreed.

116. Cllr Trudgen asked that he be authorised to arrange for the pond in the Maypole garden to be emptied as usual. Cllr Row proposed that he should be authorised to do this. Cllr Britten seconded this and it was carried unanimously.

117. Cllr Trudgen reported that the Tea Hut needed repainting. The clerk was asked to raise this with the Estate.

118 Clerk’s Report

  • Henfor Bus Shelter. The clerk reported that a draft lease had been received from the Estate’s solicitors and that he had passed it to the Council’s solicitors, Stephens Scown.
  • The clerk reported that the six councillors who had submitted nomination papers had been elected without need of a contested ballot. It would, therefore, be necessary to co-opt 5 new councillors.
  • The clerk reported on problems with the bin in the Folly Field playground and the litter problems that had arisen. Whilst the responsibility for its emptying lay with Cornwall Council until 2020, the problem had been caused by a person unknown “unsealing” the bin and using it. The clerk reported that he had agreed with Andrew Davey that the Estate would put one of their bins in place until the playground was open and charge the Council for its emptying. This was approved.
  • The clerk reported that there would only be two councillors available to sign cheques when the new council took office. It was agreed that all councillors should be able to sign cheques.
  • Mayor choosing. The Council ran through the arrangements for the Mayor Choosing ceremony and, on the proposition of Cllr Eddy, seconded by Cllr Trudgen, Cllr Hosking was unanimously elected to be the next Mayor. Cllr Hosking then proposed that Cllr Laity should be the next Deputy Mayor. This was seconded by Cllr Laity and carried unanimously

 119. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 21.21 hours.

Town Mayor