Meeting 13/19, Tuesday 9th July 2019

Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Mrs. Reynolds, Vincent, Nicholas, Trudgen, Walsh & Read Apologies: Cllrs Collins & Read and Cllr Sue Nicholas CC Visitors: Reverend Kirsten Norfolk and Mrs. Lesley Hickson Prayers: The Reverend Kirsten Norfolk led the Council in Prayers. 304. Public Participation Mrs. Hickson raised the problem of lorries and campervans becoming stuck […]
  • Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Mrs. Reynolds, Vincent, Nicholas, Trudgen, Walsh & Read
  • Apologies: Cllrs Collins & Read and Cllr Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors: Reverend Kirsten Norfolk and Mrs. Lesley Hickson
  • Prayers: The Reverend Kirsten Norfolk led the Council in Prayers.

304. Public Participation

Mrs. Hickson raised the problem of lorries and campervans becoming stuck in Beacon Road, with her property sustaining damage. Cllr Laity explained about the various traffic matters raised with a senior traffic officer from Cormac. Cllr Reynolds wondered whether the problem arose from people following their satnavs to reach the Dove Meadow campsite. It was suggested that residents keep e-mailing Mrs. Nicholas CC and Cormac. Cllr Trudgen felt “ignore your satnav” signs were needed. The Clerk was instructed to write to the proprietors of Dove Meadows to ask them to ensure their website “directions” told visitors to approach from the roundabout at the beginning (eastern end) of the Long Rock by-pass.

305. Mayor’s Report.

The Mayor reported that during the month of June he had attended the following events:-
4th June, the St Austell Mayor Choosing,
6th June, the Marazion D-Day Commemoration
9th June, the Marazion Community Service
14th June, a Reception for the Cornwall RFU and County Championship winning team at County Hall Truro
15th June, a Community Breakfast at Marazion Community Centre
27th June, a Reception with the High Sheriff of Cornwall at Croan
29th June, the Mayors Procession at Mazey Day Penzance
30th June, the St. Ives Civic Service at Lelant and The West Cornwall Search & Rescue Open Day at United Downs.

306. Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 25th June 2019.

The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, and seconded by Cllr Walsh that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

Matters arising from previous Minutes.

307. Minute 294a (Footpath 105/15/2 at Trevenner). The clerk reported on the action taken thus far. Cllr Reynolds tabled a photograph showing the wearing away of the granite style. The clerk was instructed to report this to Cormac

308. Minute 291b (Wallgates). The clerk reported on the two e-mails received from Ms Withington-Eyre, the e-mail from Wallgate and their report (recommending replacement). It was decided that this matter should be dealt with by the Toilets Subcommittee, at their next meeting, to take place shortly after Ms. Withington-Eyre’s temporary replacement was in post.

309. Minute 298 (Fidelity Guarantee). The clerk reported that the recommended increase had now been effected, albeit at a higher level than instructed, because the insurers worked in band-levels, and £500,000 was the next level up from £250,000.

310. Minute 289 (playground). The clerk reported that he was waiting to hear back from HAGS with a quote for the required items

311. Minute 293 (Witch Ball). The clerk was instructed to send another letter asking for a response to the one sent in January.

312. Minute 295c (noticeboard) Cllr Trudgen tabled some brochures concerning noticeboards, and he will report back at the next meeting on suggested noticeboards.

313. Minute 285 (sand on walkway) Cllr Laity reported that the sand had now gone, possibly as a result of the recent very strong winds.

314 Minute 269 (allotments). Cllr Hosking enquired whether anything had been heard from Mr. Clemo regarding the rat problem on the Island Field allotments. This will be brought up at the next meeting.


315. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

Current Account £ 100.00
High Interest Business Account £111,409.04
NS & I Account £138,441.87

Petty Cash spent in June £ 0.00


James D. Jacoby (Salary)
HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
Malcolm Heather (sundry cuttings) £1,566.00
Richard Tucker (sundry gardening work) £ 82.50
BHIB Ltd (increase in premium for increased Fidelity Guarantee cover) £ 162.66
Receipts: None

It was proposed by Cllr Hosking and seconded Cllr Vincent that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

Exasperation was expressed at Mr. Heather’s continued failure to provide itemised bills. The clerk was instructed to tell him that, henceforth, his invoices would not be paid unless they showed the dates on which work was done.

316. Planning

a. Applications for Planning Permission. None received.

b. Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council
i. PA19/03316. Cornwall Council. Marazion School. Application for renewal of pitched roof covering of block 01.
ii. PA19/02718. Mrs. Stephanie Stevens. Treva, Beacon Road. Retention of replacement conservation roof window.

c. Planning applications withdrawn:
i. PA19/02119. Mr. & Mrs. Tucker. Land north of the Corner House, Fore Street. Amended proposal for a dwelling on site with extant planning permission for 2 dwellings (95/P/0454/F)

d. Planning Appeal notified:
i. APP/D0840/W/19/3230261 (original application number PA18/09923). Appeal by Mr. Else against “Failure to Determine” in respect of demolition of existing dwelling and construction of two dwellings at Roundfields, Rosehill.

e. Cllr Laity tabled photographs of two properties where it was thought breaches of planning control had occurred. The clerk was instructed to report them to Planning Enforcement

Correspondence – None additional to matters covered elsewhere in the Minutes

317. Councillors’ Reports

(a) Bench by Wishing Well in North Street. Cllr Trudgen reported on Mr. Glover’s e-mail. Cllr Trudgen said that the timber was sound and that long screws were all that were needed, and that Mr. Glover could deal with it.

(b) Cemetery. Cllr Reynolds reported that the cremation plots needed to be tidied up. Mr. Tucker had done this for the Council a couple of years ago. Mr. Heather should be asked to do it now. He should also be asked to deal with the clearing of ivy from a Celtic Cross tombstone. The clerk was also asked to check when Mr. Cowley had last checked the safety of old gravestones.

(c) Cllr Nicholas reported that he had replaced a damage hinge on a toilet door at the Square toilets.

(d) Cllr Reynolds reported that the unworked allotment was now being worked and that progress would be monitored. The Council would have to decide what to do with the Rosehill Allotments when the errant holders’ periods of notice had expired.

(e) Cllr Hosking reported that she and Mrs. Greenwood-Penney had cleared the pavement running along the Folly Field, as it was encroaching.

(f) Cllr Trudgen raised again the matter of traffic at Virgin Hill. He said “Ignore your Satnav,” signs (with pictures of lorries, campervans and caravans, with a red cross through them) were needed at the bottom of Virgin Hill. Cllr Hosking wondered whether the Council could put up its own signs. The clerk thought that this was not permitted but, if the Council offered to pay, perhaps Cormac might be more receptive. Cllr Laity also mentioned the list of outstanding traffic items that the clerk had circulated. All, apart from the Double Yellow Lines, were still outstanding

(g) Cllr Laity mentioned the following:

i. The Folly Field car park was closing at 21.00 hours. Cllr Laity will raise this with Mr. Harvey Thomas (HT) when they next meet.

ii. Cllr Laity will remind HT that the Council is still waiting to receive a copy of the redacted copy of the Estate’s Emergency Plan for the Mount.

iii. Mr. Wood had spoken to him about the one-way system that had been mooted for King’s Road. Cllr Laity will mention this to HT, but didn’t think it would make any progress. It was reported that not all the property owners whose properties backed on to King’s Road were in favour of this.

iv. Polling Districts. It was agreed that the Council was content that the polling station should continue at the Community Centre.

v. Cllr Laity tabled the “recommendations for honours” leaflets.

318. Clerk’s Report

a. Bench at the Drill Hall (including consideration of tenders for repainting). The two quotes received for the renovation to this bench were considered and, on the proposal of Cllr Reynolds, seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously, it was decided to instruct Mr. Robert Hosking to do the work

b. Bins on the Folly Field. Cllr Reynolds will liaise with Cllr Britten over this matter, which was now one of some urgency

c. Review Cemetery Charges. The clerk’s brief and recommendations having previously been circulated, and after discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Walsh that (a) all cemetery charges would be waived for stillbirths and deaths of children aged 12 and under (b) cemetery charges would be waived for deaths of teenagers between 13 and 18 (but their families would pay the sexton’s fees) (c) all other cemetery charges would increase by 3% with effect from 1st September 2019. This was seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously

d. Earmarked Reserves. It was agreed to defer this item

e. Mayor’s Allowance. Prior to this item Cllr Laity declared an interest and left the room. Cllr Hosking chaired the meeting to deal with this item. It was then proposed by Cllr Vincent that the Mayor’s Allowance for this year be £1,130.00. This was seconded by Cllr Trudgen and carried unanimously.

f. Resolve to transfer £50,000 from Business Saver account to NS&I. On the recommendation of the clerk and the proposal of Cllr Hosking (seconded by Cllr Vincent and carried unanimously) it was resolved to transfer £50,000.00 from the High Interest Business Account to the NS&I account

g. Drysack Lane. After discussion, it was decided to ask Mr. Tucker to take on board the cutting of Drysack Lane and, if he couldn’t do so, then Mr. Heather should be asked to do this. It was also decided that application should be made to have this adopted as a public footpath, if possible and that a request should be made for the Dog Bin that had been removed to be replaced.

h. Zip-wire at Folly Field playground. The clerk reported on Mr. Glover’s e-mail received on Sunday, and the need for urgent action lest an accident happen and the insurers try to avoid the policy, due to the Council’s lack of prompt action. It was reported that Cllrs Collins and Nicholas would deal with this on 10th July at 19.00 hours. Cllr Vincent volunteered to help as well.

i. Code of Conduct training. The clerk drew councillors’ attention to the training to be offered in the autumn, and asked that any councillor who wanted to go, contact him

Confidential matters

319. Consideration of Tenders for the Beacon Handrail. Before this item was discussed, Cllr Laity disclosed that one of the tenderers was a friend of his and so would take no part in the discussion or the vote. After the three tenders were tabled, it was decided to accept the tender of Mr. Andrew Hope. Although he was the most expensive, the Council was impressed by his having suggested thicker materials for the sake of longevity. The Council also felt that, to have a local handyman would be useful for the future. This was on the proposition of Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously (but without Cllr Laity voting).

320. East End Garages update. The clerk read Mr. Michell’s e-mail that he had received shortly before the meeting

321. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.44 hours.

Town Mayor