Meeting 13/20, Tuesday 11th August 2020

Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh, Vincent, Collins, & Read Apologies:      Cllrs Britten & Clayton and Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:         Rev Paul Benney and Ms Lavinia Morant (both as Zoom participants) Prayers:         Rev Benney led the Council in Prayers 173 Public Participation. Although there was no […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, John Nicholas, Trudgen, Mrs. Reynolds, Walsh, Vincent, Collins, & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllrs Britten & Clayton and Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:         Rev Paul Benney and Ms Lavinia Morant (both as Zoom participants)
  • Prayers:         Rev Benney led the Council in Prayers

173 Public Participation.

Although there was no public participation, the Mayor mentioned that Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC had been in e-mail correspondence with the resident concerned about traffic problems

174. Mayor’s Report.The Mayor had nothing to report in respect of official visits.

175 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 28th July 2020. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Walsh, and seconded by Cllr Hosking that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

176 Matters arising from previous Minutes.

    1. Minute 423(b)(vii) of 19/19 (Removal of excess soil from the cemetery). Cllr Collins reported that he had reminded Mr. Beard that time was short for removing the soil. Mr. Beard is aware of the time constraint and will work to remove the soil accordingly. Cllr Collins reported that Mr. Beard’s quote was for £1,600.00, which was some £800.00 less than would have been the case had the soil needed to be spread on part of the cemetery. It was agreed that this item could come off the Agenda
    1. Minute 049(i) of 04/20 (flaunching in drain serving WCs in the Square). Cllr Read reported that he had spoken to Mr. Wyatt who confirmed that he could do the work early in the New Year. This matter can be taken off the Agenda, and brought forward later in the Year.
    1. Minute 094 of 07/20 (Footpath 14). Cllr Laity reported that he was meeting with the Community Network Manager, and with Cllr Sue Nicholas on 12th August, and would enquire then
    1. Minute 102 of 08/20 (Maypole Garden flagpole). Cllr Trudgen updated the Council on the situation.
    1. Minute 136 of 10/20 (Beacon Brazier). After discussion it was agreed that Cllr Laity would speak to Mr. Harvey Thomas as to his views, on behalf of the Estate.
    1. Minute 16(m) of 02/20 and 48(l) of 04/20 (Bin for Folly Field). Cllr Laity reported that the Biffa bin was now in place. Cllr Walsh confirmed that he had attached the notices prepared by Cllr Laity
    1. Minute 398 of 18/19 (Old lamp posts). It was agreed that this could now come off the Agenda, but be brought forward for consideration in the New Year
    1. Minute 423(b)(xi) of 19/19 (paint steps between Turnpike Road and St. Levan Road). The clerk updated the Council on the situation, to the effect that LiveWest had informed him that Cornwall Council had adopted the roads on the estate, including the steps in question. The clerk, having contacted Cormac, was waiting for a response.
    1. Minute 066 of 05/20 (Stone at entrance to Warspite Way). Cllr Laity reported that he had been in touch with the Warspite Association to ascertain what wording they would like to see on the stone, and with the Developers to find out where they wished the stone to be sited
    1. Minute 462(b) of 22/19 (Asset Risk Assessments). The clerk was asked to circulate these to the responsible Councillors for action in September
    1. Minute 050(iii) of 04/20 (Operation London Bridge). It was agreed to defer this to the end of the Meeting and discuss it as a confidential matter
    1. Minute 157(a) of 11/20 (Damage to the Dollan). Cllr Read advised that he was preparing the specification for a quote for the insurance company. He also said that the damage was mainly cosmetic, but the biggest job would be moving the granite post.
    1. Minute 161 of 12/20 (sundry). As to item (ii) (clerk’s replacement), the clerk reported that he had sent out 9 Application Packs to people who had expressed an interest in the post of clerk. He also reported that the advertisers had accepted that they hadn’t placed the advertisement in the Cornishman and the West Briton on 6th August, and had amended their invoice accordingly. With regard to (iii) (Council e-mail address), Cllr Laity reported that this was a ‘work in progress’. Turning to (vi) (Letter to the owner of a food outlet). The clerk reported that the letter had now been sent, it having been suitable edited by the Mayor and by Cllr Trudgen. Adverting to (v) (VJ Day) Cllr Laity outlined the proposed arrangements. Cllr Collins will light the Beacon in the evening of the 15th.
    1. Minute 163(b) of 12/20 (footpath by cemetery). The clerk reported that he had asked Mr. Heather to deal with this.
    1. Minute 164(i) of 12/20 (work on Memorial Garden wall). Cllr Laity has spoken to Mr. Hope, who will do the work as soon as possible.
    1. Minute 164(ii) of 12/20 (Maypole Garden wall). Cllr Read reported that the Estate’s builder was aware of the hole, but the Estate was not intending to carry out any remedial work until the work is done to the Gwelva Landing next year. The clerk was instructed to write to the Estate about this, and to discuss the letter with Cllr Read before sending it.
    1. Minute 166 of 12/20 (Gwallon Lane playground equipment signs). Cllr Read reported that the Company will provide age appropriate signage on the play equipment and would provide extra signs if the Council provided the template. It was also agreed that a sign be erected to show that the refurbishment had been funded by the Town Council and the Playing Field Association. Cllr Laity agreed to prepare a template.
    1. Minute 430 of 20/19. (Replacement of Noticeboard). Cllr Trudgen gave an update on progress


177. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

  • Current Account                                 £       100.00
  • High Interest Business Account         £  23,676.66
  • NS & I Account                                  £189,673.02

Petty Cash spent in July                      £0.00


  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Hudson Accounting Limited (Internal Audit)                                                £   350.00
  • Malcolm Heather (cutting in July)                                                                 £1,244.00
  • Cllr Derek Laity (Mayor’s Allowance for 2020. Minute 168(a) of 12/20 – net)      £   917.60
  • Richard Tucker (gardening)                                                                           £     97.50
  • 1st Office Equipment Ltd (copier charges)                                                     £     89.23
  • Vaughan Glover (playground reports and work)                                            £   270.00
  • Reach PLC (Town Clerk job advertisement bill)                                           £   660.00

Receipts – none

It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr John Nicholas that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

178 Planning

Applications for Planning Permission. Cllr Read and Cllr Laity declared interests before the following application was considered, and Cllr Collins chaired the meeting for its consideration.

PA20/06010. Replacement kitchen extension with terrace over, alterations and detached wooden cabin. Revised scheme of PA20/05286. Rose Cottage, Green Lane West. Mr. & Mrs. Wallis. It was proposed by Cllr Collins, seconded by Cllr Walsh and carried by 7 votes in favour and none against, that the application be supported

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council. None notified

Application for planning permission withdrawn: PA19/09749. Construction of a two storey, detached dwelling, together with associated works (including the erection of a detached annexe) with variation of conditions 2 and 5 in respect of decision PA18/03096. Beach Walk Retreat, North Street. Miss Sally Cattran

179 Correspondence

  • Letter from Ms. V.A.H. re. Cemetery. This was noted with gratitude.
  • Receive and approve Mr. Glover’s playground reports for July. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved

180 Councillors’ Reports

  • Bins for the Folly Field playground. Receive Glasdon UK Ltd’s quote EQ70035167 (Cllr Read). After discussion it was agreed that the bin at the Gwallon Lane playground be inspected to see if it, too, needed replacement. Consideration of the matter should be carried forward to the next meeting.
  • Gwallon Lane playground refurbishment update (Cllr Read). The e-mail from the contractor, reporting an unavoidable delay due to timber shortages, having been previously circulated, was noted.
  • Cycle rack in the Folly Field. Cllr Collins reported that these were now not fit for purpose. He asked Councillors to inspect.
  • Stones removed from wall at Back Lane. The removal and stacking of stones from a wall at a couple of places along Back Lane, mentioned by Cllrs Read and Trudgen, was noted.
  • Cllr Hosking reported that a resident had been greatly upset by damage caused to the flowers in a trough at Wheal an Wens, caused by the cutting down of trees. As this had taken place within the Conservation Area, the clerk was instructed to report it to Cornwall Council.
  • Cllr Laity reported that the Estate had kindly cleared the accumulated sand of the path by the Folly Field sea wall

181 Clerk’s Report

  • Receive and approve:
  1. Annual Governance Statement 2019/20. It was proposed by Cllr Hosking, seconded by Cllr Walsh and carried unanimously, that this be approved
  2. Accounting statements 2019/20. It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously, that this be approved.
  3. Hudson Accounting Internal Audit report. This having been previously circulated, it was decided to defer its consideration.
  • Leave (quarantining). The Council agreed that the Clerk could take his leave in September (to Brittany) even if it meant that he would have to quarantine for 14 days on his return, as he could work from home.

182 Confidential.

The Council discussed the Protocol for the death of a Senior National Figure, that had been previously circulated and agreed that Cllr Laity could purchase the black pouch (for the emblem on the Mayor’s chain), black armbands, a loose-leaf book of condolence, photo frame and black ribbon.

183. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.53 hours.

Town Mayor