Meeting 15/20, Tuesday 8th September 2020

Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Trudgen, Britten, Walsh, Vincent, Collins, & Read Apologies:      Cllrs Reynolds, John Nicholas & Clayton Visitors:         Rev Paul Benney, Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC and Ms Gail Angove (all as Zoom participants) Prayers:         Rev Benney led the Council in Prayers 199 Public Participation. Cllr Nicholas updated the Council on […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Trudgen, Britten, Walsh, Vincent, Collins, & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllrs Reynolds, John Nicholas & Clayton
  • Visitors:         Rev Paul Benney, Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC and Ms Gail Angove (all as Zoom participants)
  • Prayers:         Rev Benney led the Council in Prayers

199 Public Participation.

Cllr Nicholas updated the Council on various matters:

  • Outstanding highways works are in the process of being undertaken
  • She has spoken to the new Highways Manager about up to date speed monitoring. She asked the Council to let her know where this was needed.
  • She had raised the neglect of policing in rural areas at a recent “safer Cornwall” meeting.

200. Mayor’s Report.The Mayor reported that he had laid a wreath at the War Memorial on VJ Day

201 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 25th August 2020. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, and seconded by Cllr Walsh that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

202 Matters arising from previous Minutes.

    1. Minute 094 of 07/20 (Footpath 14). Cllr Nicholas CC is trying to arrange an urgent meeting with the Community Network Manager at which this can be discussed
    1. Minute 136 of 10/20 (Beacon Brazier). Cllr Trudgen reported that he had met the fabricators who had been asked to quote for two separate scenarios. Cllr Laity has not yet heard what Mr. Harvey Thomas’ views were, on behalf of St. Aubyn Estate
    1. Minute 423(b)(xi) of 19/19 (paint steps between Turnpike Road and St. Levan Road). The clerk reported that Cormac had denied responsibility for the steps, as had LiveWest. Councillors recalled that LiveWest’s predecessors had done work to the steps. Cllr Nicholas CC is trying to arrange a meeting with the Estate Managers for LiveWest and will take this issue up at such a meeting
    1. Minute 066 of 05/20 (Stone at entrance to Warspite Way). Cllr Laity reported that no response had been received from the Developers, but that he will be meeting the Warspite Association over the coming weekend.
    1. Minute 462(b) of 22/19 (Asset Risk Assessments). The clerk reported that these had been issued and that some had been returned. Cllr Laity exhorted those who had not yet returned them to the Clerk, to do so quickly.
    1. Minute 157(a) of 11/20 (Damage to the Dollan). The clerk reported that Mr. Hope had said that he hoped to visit the site shortly and provide a quote.
    1. Minute 163(b) of 12/20 (footpath by cemetery). The clerk reported that he had contacted Cormac. Cllr Nicholas CC asked him to provide details of the path so she could take it up.
    1. Minute 164(i) of 12/20 (work on Memorial Garden wall). It was reported that the work had been finished, but no invoice had yet been received. The clerk reported that a resident had e-mailed about the work, and that this e-mail would be on the agenda for the meeting on 22nd September, when it would be discussed
    1. Minute 166 of 12/20 (Gwallon Lane playground equipment signs). The Council agreed the format of the signs and Cllr Laity will now deal with this.
    1. Minute 180(a) of 13/20 (Bins for Folly Field and Gwallon Lane playgrounds). It was reported that these had been ordered, but had not yet been delivered.
    1. Minute 180(c) of 13/20 (Cycle rack in Folly Field). As Cllr John Nicholas was not present, this matter was not discussed.
    1. Minute 187(a) of 14/20 (parking restrictions at the cemetery). This was discussed, as was the concern, expressed by a resident, over parking opposite the entrance to the Mount Haven Hotel. It will be necessary to contact the Highways Manager after the Town Walkabout. Cllr. Nicholas CC suggested that there might be a possibility of joining forces with Perranuthnoe Parish Council in a combined Traffic Regulation Order for traffic issues in both areas.
    1. Minute 187(b) of 14/20 (Town “Walkabout”). A date and time for this was fixed.
    1. Minute 191(b) of 14/20 (Armistice Parade). The Clerk gave a brief résumé of his conversations with the Cornwall RBL Poppy Appeal fundraiser. The Council felt that some sort of Parade should be held, or at least an event to mark Armistice Day. It was agreed to defer this until nearer the time.
    1. Minute 191(c) of 14/20 (Square toilets, opening time). The Council agreed that, given that the Town is still very busy, these conveniences needed to be kept open until the end of September. This is to be reviewed again at the next meeting
    1. Minute 184(A) of 14/20 (Flooding in Green Lane). The Mayor reported that he and Cllr Nicholas CC had discussed this. It has been agreed that a meeting needs to be held with all stakeholders, including the Estate and the Duchy (as owner of the foreshore between the high, and low, water mark)


203. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

  • Current Account                                 £       100.00
  • High Interest Business Account         £  24,772.93
  • NS & I Account                                  £189,673.02

Petty Cash spent in August                 £0.00


  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Cornwall Air Ambulance (S.137 payment. Minute 193(c) of 14/20)             £300.00
  • Beacon Garden and Maintenance Services (gardening works)                      £  90.00
  • Vaughan Glover (playground inspections for August)                                   £160.00
  • Ross Beard (sexton’s fees)                                                                             £260.00
  • Biffa Waste Services Ltd (bins on Folly Field)                                              £170.10

Receipts – none

It was proposed by Cllr Walsh and seconded Cllr Britten that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment (subject to clarifying the charge for a wasted journey by Biffa), carried unanimously.

204 Planning

Applications for Planning Permission. Cllr Read declared interests before the following applications were considered, and Cllr Trudgen declared an interest in PA20/07224 before it was considered. Both Councillors were put in the Zoom “waiting room” during the consideration of the matters in which they had declared interests.

PA20/07224. Non material amendment for replacement of approved “Juliet” balcony with a small bridge linking bed 3 to elevated rear garden to decision PA20/04759 dated 6th August 2020. Rose Cottage, North Street. Mr. & Mrs. P. Chown. It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously that the application be supported

PA20/06648. Proposed rear first floor extension to provide a bedroom. Tresillian House. West End. J. Tedrake, Coast & Castle Ltd. It was proposed by Cllr Collins, seconded by Cllr Trudgen and carried unanimously, that the application be supported

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council. None notified

Cllr Laity reported, and wished to have minuted, the fact that he had been contacted by a Planning Agent on behalf of an applicant whose application was having difficulties. The Planning Agent wanted Cllr Laity to intercede with the Planning Officer to help have the application approved. Cllr Laity informed him that the Council had already resolved to support the application, subject to conditions, and was not prepared to accede to the Agent’s request. Cllr Laity also reported that he had briefed Cllr Nicholas CC about this.

205 Correspondence

  1. Receive and approve Vaughan Glover’s playground inspection reports for August. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved.
  2. Letter of 27th August from Allotment Holder. It was agreed in principle that this could be done. Cllr Collins said that he and Cllr Reynolds would try to arrange to meet the lady to discuss this. It was felt that, given the length of the waiting list, and the size of the allotments, it should be possible to split further allotments, should existing holders require this.

203 Councillors’ Reports

  • Refurbishment of Gwallon Lane playground. Cllr Read updated the Council on progress. Whilst he had received, and the clerk had circulated, a more optimistic e-mail, he was concerned that a substantial deposit had been paid. In order to protect the Council, it was agreed to ask the Company to start work by removing the equipment that had to be removed, and starting on the groundworks
  • Cllr Hosking reported that the cigarette bin in the Maypole Garden had been vandalised. Cllr Trudgen agreed to have a look at it.
  • Cllr Laity raised the question of redecorating the Clerk’s Office prior to the handover. Given the disruption that this might cause, the clerk suggested that this might be better done at a time when the new clerk was on a fortnight’s leave.
  • Cllr Laity reported that Ms Greig had enquired whether the Council would purchase a second lap-top for her use, so she could do the bookwork at home, rather than coming in to the office. The clerk was asked to put this matter on the next Agenda for further consideration.
  • Cllr Trudgen reported on the arrangements for a very limited Warspite Association reunion this coming weekend
  • Cllr Nicholas CC briefed the Council concerning the Perranuthnoe Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan, the Consultation Period for which had been extended to October, because of the Coronavirus. She will circulate an abridged version and urged Councillors to make comments

Clerk’s Report

Parking opposite Mount Haven Hotel. The resident’s concerns, previously reported, having been dealt with already, were not further discussed

  1. Confidential.
  2. Minute 195 of 14/20 (Maypole Garden wall). Cllr Laity gave the Council an update
  3. Receive and adopt the NALC 2020-2021 National Salary Award (effective from 1st April 2020). It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Trudgen and carried unanimously, that this be adopted.
  4. Resolve to pay the clerk at the rate laid down by the NALC 2020-2021 National Salary Award and to backdate it to 1st April. It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Trudgen, and carried unanimously, that the clerk should be so paid.

209. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.52 hours.

Town Mayor