Meeting 15/17 12th September 2017

Present:          Cllrs Britten (until 20.50 hours), Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Vincent, John Nicholas, Trudgen (until 20.45 hours), Clayton, Collins, Mrs. Reynolds & Read Apologies:      Cllr Edmonds and Cllr Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:         The Reverend Kirsten Norfolk, Mr. Mike Kearon & Ms Bryony Sedgeman Prayers:          Reverend Norfolk led the Council in Prayers 245. Public Participation. […]
  • Present:          Cllrs Britten (until 20.50 hours), Laity, Mrs. Hosking, Vincent, John Nicholas, Trudgen (until 20.45 hours), Clayton, Collins, Mrs. Reynolds & Read
  • Apologies:      Cllr Edmonds and Cllr Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:         The Reverend Kirsten Norfolk, Mr. Mike Kearon & Ms Bryony Sedgeman
  • Prayers:          Reverend Norfolk led the Council in Prayers

245. Public Participation.

Mr. Kearon & Ms Sedgeman introduced themselves on behalf of the Marazion Carnival Committee and outlined various items for the 2018 Carnival:

  • The proposed date was 5th August 2018, but they would be happy to move it to 12th August if it was felt the 5th might run into difficulties with Championship Week
  • They would like to extend the time of the event to 21.00 hours. Stalls would finish around 17.00 hours, but music would go on to 21.00 hours. This should not cause a problem for residents, as the stage would be pointed away from the Town.
  • There is to be no procession in 2018.
  • Mr. Kearon invited comments about security. Cllr Laity said he could see no problem with the time being extended.
  • The name will be changed to “Marazion Folly Festival”
  • There will be various fund-raising events before Christmas.

The Council expressed itself supportive of these matters and asked that the Committee write a formal letter requesting use of the Folly Field. Cllr Britten wished to congratulate the Carnival Committee for their work. He said he had received lots of favourable reports.

246. Mayor’s Report. The Mayor reported to the Council on the functions and events she had attended since the date of her last report

247 Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 22nd August 2017. The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Britten, and seconded by Cllr Laity that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

Matters arising from previous Minutes.

248. Minute 239b. (Boundary Review). The Council decided to defer this until Cllr Sue Nicholas was present as her input was considered essential.

249. Minute 240. (Neighbourhood Plan). The clerk read out Cllr Sue Nicholas’ e-mail. Cllr Laity felt that the formulation of a questionnaire ought to be the next step, to gauge the residents’ appetite for a Neighbourhood plan, rather than making an application. The Council decided to wait for Cllr Sue Nicholas to attend in order to help resolve this chicken-and-egg question

250 Minute 242. (Emergency Plan). Cllr Collins felt that this should be undertaken. Cllr Laity and Cllr Reynolds agreed to work on its preparation.

251. Minute 237 (Weeds on Memorial Garden Wall). Cllr Laity enquired about progress on this. The clerk reminded Councillors of the e-mail he had sent, concerning responsibility for the wall. The clerk was asked to write to Mrs. Mary Tudor.


252. Statement of Accounts (Estimated)

Current Account                                  £     100.00

High Interest Business Account          £89,955.60

NS & I Account                                  £47,806.41

Petty Cash spent in July and August

(blu-tak)                                              £         1.59


  • James D. Jacoby (Salary)
  • HM Revenue & Customs (Tax and NI)
  • Vaughan Glover (monthly playground inspection and fitting signs)   £240.00
  • Vaughan Glover (various remedial works at FF playground) £505.00
  • Richard Tucker (gardening works)                                                                 £135.00
  • South West Play. (replacement of swings at Gwallon playground)                 £288.00
  • Jewson Ltd. (Materials for Mr. Glover’s remedial works at FF playground) £168.26
  • David Gallie (clerking meeting on 13th September 2016)                                £114.45


  • M. J. Reid (hardstanding 4 rent 24.08.17 to 30.09.17) £ 29.35
  • Dignity Funerals Ltd (the late Mrs. Chapman’s interment)                             £574.00
  • Toilets Donations Boxes (cash banked on 31st August 2017)                         £256.00

It was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Britten that the Statement of Accounts be accepted as a true record, and that the invoices be passed for payment, carried unanimously.

253 Planning

 Applications for Planning Permission

Before the following applications were considered, Cllr Read declared an interest and left the room, not returning until the applications had been decided.

PA17/08132 (and Listed Building Application PA17/08133). Minor internal alterations, external improvements to building fabric (including re-roofing the conservatory) and changes to heating system and rewiring. Old Eastcliffe House, East Cliff Lane. Mr. & Mrs. Christian Robert George. It was proposed by Cllr Britten, seconded by Cllr Vincent, that both applications, which are interlinked, be approved. Carried unanimously

PA17/07605. Removal of existing caravan, conversion and extension of garage to holiday let accommodation & ancillary to main dwelling house. Brovadnack, Green Lane West. Miss E. Tristram. Before this application was considered, Cllr Laity declared an interest and left the room, not returning until it had been decided. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Vincent, seconded by Cllr Britten, that the Council should make “no comment”. Carried unanimously

Application for Planning permission approved by Cornwall Council. None notified.

Following discussions on planning matters, the clerk suggested that it might be useful if one, or two, Councillors assumed responsibility for going to view application sites and possibly speaking with neighbours, so as to be able to make a report to the Council when applications were considered and answer any questions that councilors might have. Cllrs Hosking and Clayton agreed to assume this responsibility

254 Correspondence

  • Police Liaison Groups (Insp. Jean Phillips’ e-mail). The Council felt that it needed to know when these meetings would take place and at what times, so Councillors who had available time could volunteer. The matter would be deferred until that was known.
  • Waste Collection and cleansing enquiries (CALC consultation). The Council did not wish to make any comments. It felt that the arrangements were generally satisfactory
  • Earth Anchors to secure benches. Cllr Laity explained how these worked. It was then proposed by Cllr Trudgen that the Council order Earth Anchors to go with the benches previously sanctioned. This was seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously. The clerk is to liaise with Cllr Edmonds over the purchase of these from Timbercraft, along with the benches.
  • Mounts Bay Sailing Club. Championship week 2018. The letter from the Championship Secretary having previously been circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen, seconded by Cllr Britten, that their request be granted. This was carried unanimously. Cllr Reynolds asked that the Sailing Club gives the Council more notice. The Club has been advertising this event for a while and should approach the Council before it does so to ensure that the Field is actually available.
  • Letters from Derek Hodges re. burial in Marazion Cemetery. The Council agreed that Mr. Hodges qualified as a Marazion Resident. The Council instructed the clerk to make it clear as to why burial and cremation plots could not now be purchased.
  • Letter from Mrs. Greenwood Penney dated 12th July (sic) 2017. The Council agreed that Mrs. Greenwood Penny could go ahead. The clerk was asked to invite her to brief the Council on her proposals and wording for the plaques.
  • Clerks and Councils Direct magazine (2 copies). These were noted
  • Quote from Treewise for works in the Memorial Garden. Cllr Vincent reported that Mr. Heather had now done some of the work for which Treewise had quoted, so he will now ask Treewise to quote again for work that still needs to be done

Councillors’ Reports

255. Cllr Reynolds reported on two points that Cllr Trudgen had wished to mention

  • As to the birdseed problem at the Gwelva, Cllr Trudgen hasn’t seen any more evidence of seed being left, but will keep the situation under review
  • The RNLI are organising a “swim around the Mount” this weekend. He asked if the RNLI flag could be run up the flagpole for the day. It was agreed that this could be done

Clerk’s Report

  • Folly Field Playground. Replacement of swings. This was noted. The clerk was requested to put Gwallon Playground on the next Agenda.
  • The clerk asked that Councillors consider the papers he had circulated, so the tendering process could be got under way soon. This matter will be on the next agenda
  • The clerk advised that the Warspite weekend was this coming weekend.
  • The clerk reported that, amongst the coins in the Toilet Donation Boxes were an assortment of Euros. The clerk reported that he had taken €17.00 in exchange for which he had written out a personal cheque for £15.30 in favour of the Town Council. This was the correct amount as the rate of exchange on 12th September, according to the Internet, was £1 = €1.1093

 257. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 21.10 hours.

Town Mayor