Meeting 16/19, Tuesday 27th August 2019

Present:Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Read, Trudgen, Vincent & Walsh Apologies:  Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:  None Public Speaking: None  Minutes of the Meeting held on 13thAugust 2019 355 The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Vincent that the minutes were deemed to […]
  • Present:Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Read, Trudgen, Vincent & Walsh
  • Apologies:  Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:  None
  • Public Speaking: None

 Minutes of the Meeting held on 13thAugust 2019

355 The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Vincent that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

 Matters arising from previous Minutes

356. Minutes 350c. (Planning: PA18/03096. Land adjacent to Rose Cottage, North Street). The clerk updated the Council on the message left by the Planning Case Officer on the Council’s “voicemail”. Cllr Laity also updated the Council on the steps he had taken, after which it was proposed by Cllr Hosking that a formal Enforcement report be made to Cornwall Council. This was seconded by Cllr Reynolds and carried unanimously.

357. Minute 352e. (progress with complaints and enforcements on the Gew, the Lookout [Witch Ball removal] and Seacrest). After discussion, Cllr Read asked that the clerk e-mail him the enforcement reference numbers, so that he could check matters through the on-line planning portal.

358. Minute 352f. (Bins behind Island Field allotments). The Council agreed that Cllr Reynolds would check the situation more fully, and then ask the clerk to write to the Estate about baiting the bins if it was appropriate to do so.

359. Minute 352h(Disabled Toilet at the Folly Field). Cllr Trudgen reported that Mr. Ayotte had replaced the tap and the damaged pipe with a flexible pipe.

360. Minute 344. (Rosehill Gully). Cllr Trudgen reported that he had asked Mr. Heather again to deal with the gully. Cllr Collins said that he had spoken to Mr. Heather and that he had now strimmed the area, but reported that the Gully was full of earth. Given that the Gully was part of the public highway and that Cornwall Highways used to keep it clear, the clerk was instructed to report the matter to Cormac, with a view to having them clear the gully out. This is something that needs to be done regularly.

361. Minute 343. (Drysack Lane) Cllr Laity reported that he was waiting for Mr. Harvey Thomas to come back to him regarding the Estate’s interest in the lane.

362. Redacted.

363. Minute 352g(Emergency Plan). Cllr Reynolds briefed the Council on the very useful meeting she and Cllr Laity had had with the Estate

Councillors’ reports

364. Cllr. Read reported on issues that had been raised with regard to parking on the Godolphin Estate, resulting from the proliferation of Drop Kerbs, in front of which people could not park. The Council agreed that it should, henceforth, be mindful of this problem when considering applications for development on the Estate.

365. (Allotments at Rosehill). Cllr Reynolds reported that Allotments 2 and 4 had now been let. There remained the question of what to do with allotment 1. It was felt that it wouldn’t be beneficial to re-let it. Cllr Hosking suggested seeding it with wild flowers. After further discussion she proposed that this be done. This was seconded by Cllr Nicholas and carried unanimously. Cllr Collins said he would investigate the cost, and was prepared to do the work if the Council agreed the cost.

366. Cllr Hosking reported on a conversation she had had with a Parking Enforcement Officer, and noted that there were very few Officers available to monitor the whole of the County.

367. Cllr Trudgen updated the Council on the Dog Ban on Beaches consultation. He has promoted this on the Marazion Memories website.

368. Cllr Reynolds updated the Council regarding Roundfields, Rosehill, the planning application for which is, at present, under Appeal.

369. Cllr Collins reported that Mr. Heather would like permission to cut a stretch of grass near the boundary of the Folly Field. Once done, Cllr Collins thought it would be wise to plant daffodil bulbs, which he was prepared to do. The Council agreed to Mr. Heather’s request, and to the planting of daffodil bulbs.

370. Following the raising by Cllr Hosking of concerns at the moving of the Dog litter bin, Cllr Trudgen agreed to have a word with the family whose contractor had moved it.

371. Cllr Nicholas reported that he had replaced the soap dispenser in the disabled toilet at the Folly Field WCs and that he had replaced a broken seat in the Ladies’ toilets. The Council will be invoiced for this. Cllr Collins expressed the Council’s thanks to Cllr Nicholas for the considerable amount of work that he does for the Council, in connection with the public conveniences.

372. Cllr Laity raised again the question of the “Town Walkabout”. Arrangements for this were made for the evening of 29thAugust

373 Planning

To consider planning applications received from the Planning Authority since the last meeting: None notified

To receive details of planning permissions granted: None notified

And planning applications refused: None notified

374 Correspondence

  • Letter from Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group re. drop-in sessions. This letter, having previously been circulated, was noted
  • Receive and approve Mr. Glover’s playground reports for August. These, having previously circulated, were noted and approved. Also discussed were the replacement of the chain bridge at the Folly Field playground, and the rotten timbers to the big tower unit. Cllr Collins reported that the chain bridge was badly worn and that it would be a good idea to replace it. As to the timbers, it was noted that HAGS had still not provided a quote for their replacement

375. Clerk’s Report

  • Complaint from a resident concerning weeds. The complaint was noted.
  • The clerk reminded councillors of the Toilets Subcommittee meeting on 30thAugust at 10.30 hours.

Financial and Confidential matters

 376 Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation statement to 5thAugust 2019. This having been previously circulated, was noted and approved.

377.Receive and adopt Model Financial Regulations 2019. These having previously been circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen that they be adopted. This was seconded by Cllr Nicholas and carried unanimously

378 Receipts and Payments              


Toilet Box Donations (from 10thJune to 12thAugust)                                               £411.00

Mr. McLean (allotment rent – 9 Island Field)                                                            £  15.00

Mr. Kevern (allotment rent – 18 Island Field)                                                           £  15.00

Pendle Funeral Services (the late Mrs. Tonkin’s interment)                                      £972.00

Receipts by direct credit (from Bank statement of 7thAugust)

St. Aubyn Estates (quarter’s Beach Box and Car park rent)                                      £16,975.00

Mr. F. I. J. Nicholas (Garage rent)                                                                              £      50.00

Approve the payments listed on the payments schedule


Complete Business Solutions Group Ltd (3 colour toner cartridges)            £273.02

Richard Tucker (sundry gardening works)                                                                 £ 75.00

Vaughan Glover (playground inspections and works)                                               £335.00

J. Spiegelhalter & Son (engraving links on Mayoral chains) £160.00

R. Beard (sexton services) £460.00

Payments made by Direct Debit (from bank statement of 7thAugust)

EDF (sundry electrical payments)                                                                              £   239.00

British Gas (electricity for public conveniences)                                                       £   122.52

Sage Software Ltd (accounts programme)                                                                 £     24.00

Pennon Water (SWW) (water and sewage, Folly WCs)                                             £2,429.83

It was proposed Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Vincent that the payments be paid, carried unanimously.

 379.There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 20.40 hours.

Town Mayor