Meeting 20/19, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Collins, Nicholas, Trudgen, Vincent & Walsh Apologies:  Cllrs Britten, Mrs. Hosking, Read & Clayton and Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors:  Rev Kirsten Norfolk & Mr. Harvey Thomas Public Speaking: 427 Rev. Kirsten Norfolk told the Council that the next Community Breakfast would be held at the Community Centre on […]
  • Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Collins, Nicholas, Trudgen, Vincent & Walsh
  • Apologies:  Cllrs Britten, Mrs. Hosking, Read & Clayton and Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors:  Rev Kirsten Norfolk & Mr. Harvey Thomas

Public Speaking:

427 Rev. Kirsten Norfolk told the Council that the next Community Breakfast would be held at the Community Centre on 21st December, after which she led the Council in Prayers.

428 Mr. Harvey Thomas briefed the Council on various matters pertaining to the Estate, the 2019 Tourist Season and the car parking arrangements. As to the latter, he was aware of the problems and would, over the course of the coming months, be working on both short, and long, term solutions. Mr. Thomas also took questions from Councillors and spoke briefly in connection with the Estate’s planning application PA19/08557.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th October 2019

429 The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Trudgen and seconded Cllr Walsh that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

 Matters arising from previous Minutes

430 The following Minutes were discussed:

  • Minute 397 (Lettering on Information Stones). This work has now been completed
  • Minute 398 (Old lamp posts). It was reported that the Town Trust had agreed to the Council’s request. Cllr Laity will get prices for the sand-blasting and coating of the lamp posts, and the Council needs to consider the way forward, with regard to their removal and subsequent placing in the Square.

The clerk also reported that the Town Trust had agreed to the replacement of the Noticeboard, on the wall by the front door, on the Town Hall. Cllr Trudgen will investigate its replacement.

  • Minute 399 (St. Piran’s flags). It was reported that these flags had now been delivered. The price was a few pounds more than originally stated, as the anti-fray strips were not included in the price. This was accepted.
  • Minute 400 (The Dollan). Cllr Nicholas reported that he had removed the broken glass. The Council also decided that it would wait for its decorator’s health to improve, rather than seeking a quote elsewhere, as this was not the time of year to undertake outside painting work.
  • Minute 418h and 402(i). East End garages. As Cllr Read was not present, no report could be given about the gates. The clerk reported that he had started to prepare a brief about the tenancies, but had not yet been able to make progress with the Registration of Title at the Land Registry.
  • Minute 412 (Councillors’ Audit). The clerk reported that Ms Greig had run off the reports for which Cllr Britten had asked. Cllr Walsh reported that the audit would be done on Thursday.
  • Minute 418 and 393 (Governance Review). The clerk reported on CALC’s e-mail
  • Minute 422(b)(ii) (South West Play’s quote). The clerk reported that, as instructed, he had accepted South West Play’s quote and that their invoice for half the cost was on the Agenda for payment. The work will start during the week beginning 25th November, owing to supplier difficulties.
  • Minute 423 (Hedges in Marazion). The clerk reported that he had sent a Cormac request form to the owners of a property in the Town, at Cllr Walsh’s behest. The clerk was instructed to write to an owner concerning the further cutting back of a hedge, to ensure it was flush with, and not overhanging, the stone wall that was the roadside boundary.
  • Minute 423(b)(i) (Missing lettering on signs). The clerk reported that this has been reported to Cormac
  • Minute 423(b)(ii) (Stile at Trevenner). This work has now been completed
  • Minute 423(b)(iv) (Metal fence at cemetery). Cllr Nicholas reported that he had cut off, taken away and stored, the broken metal fence.
  • Minute 423(b)(v) (Benches at cemetery). Cllr Collins reported that some benches will need to be replaced and recommended deferring a decision until after the Risk Assessments had been done. Until then, the matter can be taken off the agenda
  • Minute 423(b)(vi) (Refurbishment of undertaker’s hut at the cemetery). The clerk projected the photographs that Cllr Laity had taken. After discussion, Cllr Trudgen proposed that a contractor be instructed to quote for taking down the Mundic-block extension and removing the debris. This was seconded by Cllr Nicholas and carried unanimously. Cllr Nicholas will arrange for the securing of the doors. The Cllr thanked Cllr Nicholas, and Mr. Jebbert, for their works in removing ivy from the hut, and from the bus shelter.
  • Minute 423(b)(vii) (Removal of excess soil from the cemetery). The clerk reported on the message left by Cllr Hosking, as to how Cornwall Council disposed of excess soil from its cemeteries in Penwith. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Collins that the contractors asked to quote for the works in demolishing the Mundic-block extension to the undertaker’s hut, should also be asked to quote for the removal of the excess soil. This was seconded by Cllr Vincent and carried unanimously.
  • Minute 423(b)(viii) (Replacement of footpath sign at the cemetery). The clerk reported that, following his reporting the matter to Cormac, he had been advised that this sign has been logged as a “missing sign”.
  • Minute 423(b)(x) (Removal of ivy growth from bus shelter). This has been dealt with by Cllr Nicholas and Mr. Jebbert.
  • Minute 423(b)(xi) (paint steps between Turnpike Road and St. Levan Road). The clerk reported that LiveWest had said the work was scheduled for 21st It was reported that the work had not yet been carried out. This will be kept under review
  • Minute 423(d) (allotments). The clerk projected the photographs taken by Cllr Reynolds. One of the allotments has clearly not been worked, and the clerk was asked to send the tenant an appropriate letter. As to the other allotment, this will be kept under review. The allotment agreements should be reviewed to try to avoid the difficulties with which the Council had recently been faced.
  • Minute 409(c) (Street naming). It was decided to carry this forward, so that further consideration could be given to the name

Councillors’ reports

431. Bench in Maypole Garden (Cllr Britten). As Cllr Britten was away, this will be carried forward.

432. Cllr. Trudgen reported on:

  • The fact that a person had been observed in the Memorial Garden behaving in a strange manner.
  • There is still slippery moss on the paths. Cllr Collins has furnished Mr. Malcolm Heather with details of a new chemical that may help with the problem, but this is not a good time for spraying. Cllr Collins will have a further discussion with Mr. Heather and report back.

433  Cllr Collins reported that:

  • The daffodil bulbs have now been planted in the Folly Field border. Mr. Heather had done an excellent job in clearing the border.
  • He had attended the excellent Trafalgar Day celebrations.
  • He had been approached by a resident with regard to trying to get housing in Marazion. Sadly, it was felt that this was not something within the Council’s power, although it felt that, in approving any further applications for “affordable” housing, it should be stipulated that Marazion residents should have priority.

434. Cllr Laity reported that it had been reported that the current Chamber of Commerce website, from which the Town Council had a link, was closing, and that a new website, Marazion Guide, was coming on stream. The clerk was asked to see if he could verify this rumour. He was also asked to invite the lady who had approached the Council about the new website to come and speak to the Council at 19.15 hours on the date of the next meeting.

435 Planning

To consider planning applications received from the Planning Authority since the last meeting:

PA19/08557. Replacement flat roof with improved falls and thermal insulation, addition of 3 no. new rooflights, removal of external escape walkway, relocation of external fire escape stair, revised glazing and external door to North West elevation, existing flat roof converted to private roof terrace for room 27. The Mount Haven Hotel. Mr. Harvey Thomas, St. Aubyn Estates. It was proposed by Cllr Vincent, seconded by Cllr Trudgen and carried unanimously, that the application be supported

To receive details of planning permissions granted: None notified

And planning applications refused:

PA19/04594 (and, Listed Building) PA19/04595. Mrs. Fox. 1 Bay Cottages, Higher Fore Street. Three replacement windows to the front

436 Correspondence

  • Letter from Cornwall Council dated 9th October re. EN19/01725. This, having been previously circulated, was noted.
  • Letter, dated 11th October, from Penwith Education Trust requesting a Grant. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Reynolds, seconded by Cllr Vincent and carried unanimously, that the application be refused.
  • Letter, dated 14th October, from Decorative Lights Committee to use Maypole Garden, Folly Field and Boltern Road for Christmas lights. It was proposed by Cllr Collins and seconded by Cllr Nicholas that the request be approved. This was carried unanimously by those councillors eligible to vote (Cllrs Walsh and Vincent abstaining as they are on the Decorative Lights committee)
  • Receive and approve Vaughan Glover’s playground reports for October. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved.
  • Letter dated 21st October from Marazion Playing Fields Association. The Marazion Playing Field Association (MPFA) having agreed to the request for further land to extend the playground, it was felt that the Council should meet the MPFA to see what land was needed, after which the playground subcommittee should settle on two or three similarly priced pieces of equipment and then ask the children which they would prefer. A meeting will also have to be arranged with MPFA as to the other matter mentioned in the letter

437. Clerk’s Report

  • Footpath through Island Field allotments. It was decided to leave this in abeyance.
  • RBL Poppy Appeal. It was proposed by Cllr Collins, seconded by Cllr Vincent and resolved that in pursuance of the power conferred by section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 and being of the opinion that the expenditure satisfies the requirements of this section and is in the interests of the area or its inhabitants and will benefit them in a manner commensurate with the expenditure, the Council approved the payment to Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal of a grant of £300.00. The clerk reported that Lord St. Levan had sent a cheque for £20.00 for a wreath, payable to the Town Council. As this should have been payable to RBL Poppy Appeal, the clerk will bank the cheque and draw another in favour of RBL Poppy Appeal for £320.00.
  • The clerk asked councillors to collect the Poppy Appeal boxes and deliver them before Friday, and collect them after the 11th November
  • Remembrance Sunday. The clerk updated the Council on progress

Financial and Confidential matters

438 Receive and approve Bank Reconciliation statement, profit and loss account, Prior Year report and Budget variance report for September. These having been previously circulated, were noted and approved.

439 Receipts and Payments


Credits as per bank statements of 7th October

  • Cornwall Council (Precept £28,249.00: CTSG £1,560.03                                         £29,809.03
  • Mr. Johnson (hardstandings rent)                                                                               £     150.00
  • Mrs. Mock (hardstanding rent)                                                                                   £       75.00
  • Ms Sainsbury (hardstanding rent)                                                                              £       75.00
  • Mr. Reid (hardstanding rent)                                                                                      £       75.00
  • Mr. Garrett (garage rent)                                                                                            £     135.00
  • Mounts Bay Sailing Club (part Dinghy Pen rent)                                                      £     388.80
  • Mr. Nicholas (garage rent)                                                                                          £       50.00

Approve the payments listed on the payments schedule


  • CVC Solicitors (Buy back, at cost, unwanted grave space S.3.11)                            £   210.00
  • South West Play (one-half of cost of work under SQ-2413)                                      £2,990.40
  • Mark Thomas Ayotte (2 invoices for work at the Folly WCs in August)                   £   174.00
  • Malcolm Heather (September cutting works)                                                £1,066.00
  • Cornish Heritage Builders (works to Folly Field Toilet)                                           £     58.61
  • Long Rock Memorials (lettering of boundary stones)                                               £   108.00
  • Vaughan Glover (playground works in October)                                                       £   245.00

Standing Orders/Direct Debits as per bank statements of 7th October

  • Sage Software Ltd (accounts programme rental)                                                       £     24.00
  • EDF (sundry electrical direct debits)                                                                         £   239.00

It was proposed Cllr Walsh and seconded Cllr Trudgen that the payment be paid, carried unanimously.

440 There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 21.05 hours.

Town Mayor