Meeting Minutes, 11th May 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference. 8.00pm Monday 11th May 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion […]

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference. 8.00pm Monday 11th May 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery), Rev Paul Benney (Methodist), Cllr Penney Hosking (observer)  
Apologies None  
Minutes Approve minutes of previous meeting  
Matters arising JR to identify a child from school regarding the donated cycle.  
Surgery JB – The surgery have seen an increase in patient appointments which is good after numbers dropped off at outset of covid.

E Consult, telephone appointments and prescriptions on line are being encouraged where possible.

No change in operational arrangements at the pharmacy until end of June at least.

GR expressed concern by neighbours about the welfare of an elderly local resident ‘SG’ whose health was deteriorating. After group discussion it was suggested the matter be referred to the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) as an adult safeguarding matter.

MARU Tel 0300 123 1116








GR to follow up

MARU call.

All Saints Church & Methodist Chapel JG said the church were continuing welfare and pastoral calls. All Saints has been closed but JG & Rev Marns would be there alone for prayer at times during the coming week.

PB reminded the group of Methodist funding available for the benefit of people in need in the town. This may be of use to cases of financial hardship encountered by JR.

School JR said she had delivered the first Marazion food parcels which included toiletries and fudge donated locally. Some families said they didn’t need help and asked parcels to be given to other families in need which is fine.

Children entitled to free school meals download their vouchers via an App on their phones. Some teething problems, but otherwise good system.

JR had £250 donation from Rotary Club and has sufficient ‘’reserves’ until 1st June.

MK said some residents gave him their Government food parcels and had asked for items to be transported to Penzance food bank. MK will enquire to see if they are happy the items are given to support Marazion needs in future.

JR was pleased in principle that a phased approach for schools reopening was announced by the PM on Sunday but was concerned that the proposal lacked detail for practical application. There are likely to be big issues in achieving social isolation and unanswered questions about PPE.

Parents will also have to be convinced children can return safely.

PE said Further advice on the PM’s proposals have been published tonight in the PM’s 50 page ‘lockdown’ document now available on the Covid FB page.

MzCSG MK said it had been a steady week with low call volume. Food & prescription deliveries continued to ‘regular clients’ without a call being necessary.

Deliveries of prescriptions from Baden House pharmacy continue to work well with MzCSG delivering on Tues/Thurs with extra deliveries at other times if urgently required.

MK was present in Baden House when Volunteer Cornwall contacted the pharmacy to enquire why in contrast to other pharmacies there were no complaints about its prescription service. (Well done MzCSG Volunteers and the Pharmacy staff)

MK continued to provide link support on behalf of  ‘MS’ to enable return to home address on discharge from hospital. There are longer term associated issues with looking after ‘MS’ and pet dog and cats.

GR asked what arrangements had been made to pay ‘MS’ utility bills. MK said he would check the situation.

WS commended MK for his supportive work –  “a  good candidate for employment as a future social worker”















Chamber of Commerce PE said the PM’s lockdown easing strategy confirmed that all Hotels, B&B’s, Camp sites, holiday cottages, including Airbnb must remain closed until at least 4th July. This includes owners not being able to visit 2nd homes. It was good that a date has been identified because until now this hadn’t been clear with the 3 week rolling renewal of the lockdown.

PE had contacted Cornwall Council & Visit Cornwall re messages on 9th May from Airbnb to hosts suggesting bookings could be taken from 17th May. Cornwall Council have addressed the matter with Airbnb.

PE said that all restaurants, pubs and cafes must also remain closed until 4th July, although they could continue to provide a take away service.

PE said the lockdown easing allows people to enjoy unlimited outdoor exercise either alone, with household members or with 1 other person not part of the household. (enabling tennis or golf with a friend for example). Being allowed to spend more time outdoors includes sunbathing and sitting in the park or on a beach. It has also been announced that people can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance.

PE said this easing would encourage local people and day trippers to visit Marazion by car and asked DL about re-opening the main Folly Field car park?

DL said he had spoken with Harvey Thomas from StAE– At the moment there are no plans to re-open the main car park, however the parking situation in town would be monitored to see if there is a demand to do so to ease congestion in Marazion if this becomes a problem.

PE said he had received a complaint a from resident of the Godolphin Estate that cars were parked on yellow lines in the estate during daytime to access the beach because the car park was closed and its entrance had been coned off.

DL said the Town Council would discuss car parking and re-opening of the toilets and other issues arising from the easing of lockdown at their meeting later this week.

DL said that Mikey Greig had provided him with a key to the gate padlock.

PE said the new guidance states that children’s playgrounds must remain closed.

PE was pleased that many town residents & businesses had decorated their homes and premises to commemorate VE75 Day.

DL said the day had gone well despite a wet start. The wreath laying ceremony was attended by several people even though it hadn’t been advertised and the video had been viewed as far away as the USA. There were also some street parties and people had respected the social distancing rules.

DL thanked PE for uploading photos and promoting VE75 effectively on social media.

PE said that the Summerhouse rainbow painting competition had been very well received with excellent entries – A winner would be announced this week and the winning painting will be printed on greeting cards to be sold to raise funds for the NHS.

The Summerhouse had sold a ‘rainbow’ painting donated by Kate Richardson and raised £1,500 for the NHS.

















Town Council DL said he had attended a ‘Mayors zoom’ meeting with 16 other local mayors to compare experience and identify good practice across Cornwall. The Covid response across most towns appears to be volunteer led. Some towns rely entirely on Volunteer Cornwall. Marazion stands out as having the best developed arrangements and the only town with a forum comprising local organisation representatives.

Other towns had challenges around closure of toilets and misuse of beaches. – Marazion hasn’t had those issues.

The Mayors zoom  meeting was deemed a success and will meet again. Next time the Leader of Cornwall Council will attend.

DL said sending the Forum zoom invitation at 7.50pm had worked well, so that the meeting started promptly at 8.00pm. and he would do this in future.









AOB Cllr. Penney Hosking congratulated all involved for “doing a brilliant job”

WC and GR said that if it hadn’t been for the covid forum some serious social issues would have fallen through the net.

  Meeting closed at 8.55pm

Next forum Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 18th May



  Minutes approved for publication on 18th May