Meeting Minutes 12/20, Tuesday 28th July 2020

Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Clayton, Britten, Read, Vincent & Walsh Apologies:   Cllr Trudgen and Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC Visitors: Ms. Sharon Homes Public Speaking 159 Ms. Holmes spoke about the traffic problems in the Turnpike Road/Trevenner Lane area, with speeding motorcycles and noise pollution. Cllr Laity advised that Cllr Mrs. […]
  • Present: Cllrs Laity, Mrs. Reynolds, Mrs. Hosking, Collins, Nicholas, Clayton, Britten, Read, Vincent & Walsh
  • Apologies:   Cllr Trudgen and Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC
  • Visitors: Ms. Sharon Homes

Public Speaking

159 Ms. Holmes spoke about the traffic problems in the Turnpike Road/Trevenner Lane area, with speeding motorcycles and noise pollution. Cllr Laity advised that Cllr Mrs. Sue Nicholas CC had the various traffic issues on her radar and would discuss them with the new Highways manager, when she met him in mid-August.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th July 2020

160 The Minutes having been circulated previously it was proposed by Cllr Britten and seconded Cllr Walsh that the minutes were deemed to be a true and correct record, carried unanimously.

161 Matters arising from previous Minutes

  1. Minute 423(b)(vii) of 19/19 (Removal of excess soil from the cemetery). Cllr Collins reported that the resident who had offered to take the soil to be disposed of from the cemetery had telephoned to say he was prepared now to take it. Cllr Collins had spoken with Mr. Beard, who is prepared to remove the soil sympathetically, taking account of any funerals to be held in the area of the cemetery in question. The cost will be less than Mr. Beard had previously quoted for its removal to another part of the cemetery and consequent re-seeding. Cllr Collins also reported that he and Cllr Reynolds had visited the cemetery that morning and that they estimated there were about 20 spaces left in the existing cemetery. Cllr Vincent then proposed that Mr. Beard be asked to remove the soil. This was seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously. Cllr Collins will now proceed to arrange this.
  2. Minute 430 of 20/19 (replacement of noticeboard). The clerk was asked to enquire as to progress and thereafter, to remove this item from the agenda.
  3. Minute 049(i) of 04/20 (flaunching in drain serving WCs in the Square). Cllr Read reported that he had spoken to Mr. Wyatt, who is busy at present. As the work may require the breaking up of the floor of one of the toilets, it was agreed that the work, which wasn’t urgent, should be done when the toilets close at the end of the season.
  4. Minute 094 of 07/20 (Footpath 14). Cllr Laity said that he was still waiting on the Community Network Manager
  5. Minute 102 of 08/20 (Maypole Garden flagpole). The clerk reported that the cheque had been sent off, and the company had been asked to deliver to Cllr Trudgen direct.
  6. Minute 120 of 09/20 (Playground Closure Review). Cllr Collins reported on his meeting with Mr. Glover at the playground. Now that the playground was open, this item should be removed from the Agenda.
  7. Minute 136 of 10/20 (Beacon Brazier). Cllr Walsh briefed the Council on his previously circulated photographs. He suggested that the handrail should be of metal, as it would be necessary to drill into the rock. It was suggested that Councillors should view the area, and that once the foliage had been cleared, the Fabricator should be asked to inspect, and provide a price for what was necessary, after which the consent of the Landowner should be sought.
  8. Minute 140(a) of 10/20 (Tenders). The clerk reported that he had written to Mr. Heather, and carried the matter forward for consideration in the autumn of 2021, so it wasn’t then overlooked. This being so, it was decided that this item could come off the agenda
  9. Minute 16(m) of 02/20 and 48(l) of 04/20 (Bin for Folly Field). The clerk updated the Council on the arrangements the Mayor had made whilst the clerk was on leave. Cllr Collins advised that the bins in the playground itself now needed to be replaced
  10. Minute 398 of 18/19 (Old lamp posts). It was decided to carry this item through to the end of the summer
  11. Minute 423(b)(xi) of 19/19 (paint steps between Turnpike Road and St. Levan Road). The clerk reported that he had e-mailed LiveWest, who said the steps weren’t there responsibility, but that of Cormac, to whom the clerk reported he had sent an e-mail. Cllrs Reynolds and Hosking said that the steps definitely were the responsibility of LiveWest and that they should be told they were a hazard and that they would be liable if an accident occurred. The clerk was instructed accordingly.
  12. Minute 066 of 05/20 (Stone at entrance to Warspite Way). Cllr Laity reported that he had been to see the Monumental Mason, who will renovate the stone in the Square. Cllr Laity will contact the developers to see where the Stone should be placed, and will contact the Warspite Association to see what wording they would like on the stone.
  13. Minute 462(b) of 22/19 (Asset Risk Assessments). The clerk was asked to advise when the Risk Assessments were last done, as it was felt these should be carried out more frequently than once a year.
  14. Minute 050(iii) of 04/20 (Operation London Bridge). Cllr Laity updated the Council
  15. Minute 157(a) of 11/20 (Damage to the Dollan). Cllr Read, who has received my e-mail to Cllr Laity explaining how Aviva wanted the quote broken down, said that he didn’t think there was a structural problem, the granite post having taken the force of the impact. The problem was, who to instruct to quote? Whilst Mr. Hope would quote, it was difficult to get other, bigger, businesses to quote for a small job like this, knowing they would be unlikely to get the work. After discussion, it was decided to ask Mr. Hope to quote and then to give that quote to Aviva, explaining that a second quote wasn’t a realistic possibility.
  16. Minute 156 of 11/20 (Councillors reports). Cllr Laity briefed the Council as follows:
  17. The Folly Field toilets are now open until 19.30 hours. Cllr Collins said that Crystal Clear were doing an excellent job in keeping them spotlessly clean.
  18. On progress on finding the Clerk’s replacement
  • On progress with a new e-mail address for the Council. To use a “” address would cost £40 per annum, an “” one was free. That will be pursued.

19 The toilets in the Square were now open and discussions with St. Aubyns Estate had resulted in the cost to the Council coming in below the limit mentioned. As to their closure date, this will be reviewed at the second August meeting

20 VJ Day. The Mayor asked for any suggestions as to how this could be marked. He had also spoken to Rev. Benney and Rev. Marns

21 The clerk said that he had not yet written to the owner of the food outlet, as per Minute 156(i)

Councillors Reports:

162. Cllr Collins reported 

  • On the letter from South West Play dated 27th July that the clerk had circulated prior to the meeting. He had spoken to the Proprietor and explained the situation, apologising for not having informed him of the situation. After discussion, the clerk was instructed to minute the fact that the Council fully supported the decision that they had taken, following from the recommendations of the Playgrounds Subcommittee.
  • Complaints had been received concerning parking at Marazion Bridge, near the Station House. As this was not within the Council’s boundaries, but within Ludgvan Parish, the clerk was asked to e-mail Mrs. Nicholas CC.

163. Cllr Vincent reported:

  • That he and Cllr Trudgen had judged the Allotments on 18th July, and the clerk had the list of winners.
  • The footpath by the cemetery needs trimming back. The clerk was asked to contact Mr. Heather with a view to having this done

164. Cllr Read reported on the following:

  • Was a date for the start of work on the Memorial Garden wall yet known? Cllr Laity will enquire of Mr. Hope.
  • He is concerned about the size of the hole in the Maypole Garden wall. He and Cllr Laity will try to meet with Mr. Earley to view and discuss.
  • Did the Council need to put up a sign at the Gwallon Lane playground, advising the reason that it was closed. Cllr Laity said that the School was aware of the reason, and that it had been made known on Social Media.

165. Cllr Hosking said that the provision of bike-parking in the Folly Field needed to be advertised, as bikes were being attached to posts etc. thereby, on occasions, blocking the pavement. She also said more bike-parking needs to be provided around the Town. It was agreed that likely locations should be identified the next time councillors did a “Town-walkabout”. On the point being mentioned, the Council said it was aware of the need for consents where any possible sites did not belong to the Council, or were part of the Highway

166. Cllr Laity suggested that the new play equipment for the Gwallon Lane playground should be checked to see if it was age-restricted so any appropriate notices could be attached. Cllr Read will speak to the company about this, as they might well attach their own notices to the equipment where necessary.


167 Applications for planning permission. None received

To receive details of planning permissions granted: None notified


168 The clerk reported on:

  1. Letter dated 27th July from South West Play. This having been circulated, and dealt with as above, no further discussion took place.
  2. E-mails from residents concerning traffic issues. Cllr Nicholas CC has been made aware of the contents of the e-mails received, and will take up the points raised in her meeting with the Highways Manager in August

169 Clerk’s Report.

  1. Mayor’s Allowance. The details of the RPI increase having been circulated, it was proposed by Cllr Britten that the Mayor’s Allowance be set at £1,147.00. This was seconded by Cllr Hosking and carried unanimously, but with the mayor taking no part in the discussion and abstaining from the vote
  2. Risk Assessment for the Dollan. Cllr Read agreed to undertake this, and the clerk was asked to send him a Risk Assessment template.

Financial and Confidential matters

170 Receipts:

  • Mr. Calf (allotment rent)                                                                                            £     15.00
  • Penwith Funeral Services (interment of the late Mr. D. Reynolds)                           £1,041.25

From Business Premium Account statement issued on 6th July – Direct credits

  • Barclays Bank (interest earned between 02.03 and 07.06)                                        £  14.40

From Community Account statement issued on 7th July – Direct credits

  • Peter Matthews (Britannia Retail. Telescope rent due for 2019)                               £100.00
  • Long Rock Memorials (extra wording to Mrs. Goodrich’s Memorial)                      £  18.00
  • Pennon Water (SWW)                                                                                                £942.66
  • Burroughs and Kearey (Mr. Lauder’s interment)                                                       £609.25
  • Mr. Johnson (2 hardstanding rents)                                                                            £150.00
  • Burroughs & Kearey (Mrs. Wilding’s interment)                                                      £648.75
  • Ms Sainsbury (hardstanding rent)                                                                              £  75.00
  • Mrs. Mock (hardstanding rent)                                                                                   £  75.00
  • Mr. Reid (hardstanding rent)                                                                                      £  75.00
  • Mr. Garret (garage rent)                                                                                              £135.00
  • Mr. Nicholas (garage rent)                                                                                          £  50.00

171 Payments. Approve the payments listed on the payments schedule


  • F W Beard (the late Mrs. Wilding’s interment) £ 340.00
  • Cllr Derek Laity (to reimburse 4 Zoom invoices)                                                      £     57.56
  • Malcolm Heather (Cuttings in June)                                                                          £1,193.30
  • Cornwall ALC Ltd (Benchmarking report for clerk’s successor)                              £   120.00

From Community Account statement issued on 7th July – Direct Debit

  • EDF (Sundry electrical accounts)                                                                              £233.00
  • Sage Software Ltd (accounts package rental)                                                £  24.00
  • Pennon Water (SWW)                                                                                    £237.13
  • Pennon Water (SWW) Cemetery water                                                                      £  16.74

It was proposed Cllr Nicholas and seconded Cllr Britten that the payment be paid, carried unanimously.

172. There being no further business the Mayor closed the meeting at 21.10 hours.

Town Mayor