Meeting Minutes, 13th April 2020

  Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds, Julia Greig, Rev, Mike Kearnon, Paul Elliott. Rev Paul Benney, Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)   Apologies None – Harvey Thomas the CEO of St Aubyn Estates had been invited to this meeting, but has not signed onto the […]


Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds, Julia Greig, Rev, Mike Kearnon, Paul Elliott. Rev Paul Benney, Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)  
Apologies None – Harvey Thomas the CEO of St Aubyn Estates had been invited to this meeting, but has not signed onto the zoom conference and may not have received e-mail.  
Matters arising None  
Derek Laity

Marazion Council


DL will speak to County Cllr Sue Nicholas re funding options.


DL to speak about funding with Cornwall Council
Helpline MK reported that calls were being received at the rate of 2 – 5 per day, a couple of days with no call at all, (only 12 last since week). The bulk of calls were for shopping and prescriptions.

Shopping is fine due to a good relationship with Morrisons manager and prescriptions are going well although there was a hiccup over the bank holiday weekend (thanks to the Surgery dispensary for helping to resolve the issue).

MK said we need to ensure we are not being ‘misused’ – one call was a for a jar of marmalade… In general shopping trips are being done together rather than piecemeal.

Mike is delegating other volunteers for shopping.

PE mentioned that he had been asked by some volunteers why they hadn’t yet been utilised and were informed that was because we are coping well with the volume of calls at the moment. PE posted a FB thank you message and also e-mailed all volunteers with a ‘they also serve who stand and wait’ thank you message.

MK has passed details of a vulnerable resident to DL for the Community Link Officer. Jackie Brown identifies vulnerable people to NHS England. Jackie will ensure the surgery Community Care Coordinator checks to see if the person identified by MK is on their list. There doesn’t appear to be a link between NHS and Council vulnerable person lists. Common sense says they should be a shared resource.







JB / DL to enquire whether a more joined up approach would benefit between council & NHS.




Surgery JB said PPE had been issued to surgery / dispensary staff and is now being worn.

JB said dispensary was busy but the surgery was quiet.

The surgery is open every day from 8am – 6.30pm (including bank holiday and weekends), although people have to wait at the door outside not in the waiting room.

JB expressed some concern that ‘regular patients’ who would normally attend for heart conditions etc. are not presenting at the surgery. Visits were down by over 1/3rd locally and nationally.

PE will put out something on facebook.

Penzance hospital has been designated as the place for covid testing…. Not surgeries.

JG updated the group that St Clare pharmacy deliver to Marazion on Tuesday’s & Thursday so those residents who were asking MzCSG to collect their prescriptions should be encouraged to sign up for St Clare to deliver instead.

JG said that despite the SW having the lowest national figures she was aware that some people in this locality had covid symptoms and some were quite poorly.

Billy Collins said this was ‘not all over’ for Marazion and emphasized the need to remain vigilant and adhere to self isolation / stay indoors rules.





PE to post something re surgery attendance on MzCSG page

Welfare Contact calls. JG said the church phone system was continuing with  welfare calls to the congregation and some other elderly people.

PB reported that calls continue to be made through the Methodist circuit as well as lots of e-mail contact.

Discussion took place on how to widen the welfare calls to non- church goers and how to reach those not on facebook.

JG said she was doing a piece for The View parish magazine about the MzCSG.

MK suggested a newsletter? GR wondered whether it could be included with Saturday papers, or perhaps distributed by the local posties?

PE suggested a piece in the Cornishman and perhaps on Coast FM as Maggie Foggarty (one of the trustees) lives in Marazion.














DL to produce a short piece for the Cornishman after checking max word limits

Lockdown Compliance DL said that most people (potential visitors) had complied with the travel ban and don’t visit Cornwall appeals and that Marazion and the beaches were practically deserted.

PE said there had been a report of a 7 local youths congregating and flying a drone on the steps beach. This had been mentioned on FB.

PE reported that holiday cottages on the whole appear to be unoccupied and was aware that some premises that were occupied had been reported and visited. PE reminded the group that as well as some Airbnb and Holiday cottages  being legitimately occupied this had been extended to touring caravans which had been rented out by hire companies and were being used by self-isolating essential workers.









DL to contact Surgery practice Manager

Local Business PE said that Baker Toms had re-located to the Community Centre and were very busy.  JB expressed thanks for the ‘bread and bun’ donations for surgery staff from customers visiting Baker Toms at the Community centre.

PE said the Copper spoon were offering a pre-ordered vegie meal option to be collected from the shop at set times. Katies Hot Pots were producing frozen meals and delivering locally every day. Jordans continued to offer a delivery service.

Cobbles Corner and Trevenner stores were open on reduced hours.

PE drew attention to a useful directory of delivery services compiled by Plastic Free Penzance.

MK said the Toby & Robyn of Fire Engine were looking at doing fish and chips for home delivery but were unable to source fish at sensible prices.

  MK scarecrow competition went well but there were not many entrants. MK was sourcing the amazon prize this week.

PE has spoken with Jane Elliott of the Summerhouse gallery to suggest the arty community in Marazion came up with a competition. She said they had an art activity ‘ when you are served lemons….’ Which had been quite well supported by adults and children. She would come up with something else soon.






  Meeting closed at 9.05pm

Next Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 20th April