Meeting minutes, 13th January 2021

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Wednesday 13th January 2021 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Rev. Paul Benney (Methodist); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid […]
  1. Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Wednesday 13th January 2021

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Rev. Paul Benney (Methodist); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)  
Minutes Minutes of meeting 6th January approved for circulation with a date amendment for JB  
Matters arising None  
Marazion Town Council DL had little to report.

The toilets and playground remained closed as a covid precaution. There had only been limited negative feedback for this Council decision. The Covid group present agreed the closure was a sensible option given the fact that the infection rate is rising and there was media speculation that restrictions are set to be increased not reduced in the coming weeks.










MzCSG MK said he had shopped for 3 individuals during the previous week, but other than that it had been steady.

(MK raised other questions for JB minuted in the Surgery section)





Marazion Surgery JB said Covid cases in Marazion were still increasing in Marazion and Cornwall in general. 3 member of Mz surgery staff were now self-isolating.

JB said the first batch of Pfizer vaccine was due to arrive this week for the 3 surgeries in East Penwith group which includes Marazion.

Pfizer Vaccine will be administered to patients aged over 80yrs at Bodriggy Health Centre in Hayle from this Friday. The location is for reasons associated with -70C storage requirements and inability to transport the vaccine once de-frosted as explained in previous minutes

Selection of those to receive vaccines was on an age basis. 1,000 Patients had been contacted starting with the eldest (105 years) down to 80 years. There are around 600 over 80’s in the Marazion practice area. This phase should be complete by early February.

JB said all patients she contacted were delighted to be offered the vaccine – so far nobody has declined. Initial contact is by telephone, followed by a letter confirming appointment time and location.

The first batch of Oxford vaccine is expected next week which will be used to vaccinate all residents (and care staff) at Marazion’s two care homes.

When the Oxford vaccine becomes readily available it will be injected at Marazion and the rate of vaccination will be ramped up.

WC initiated discussion regarding the suitability of the Community Centre as a vaccination hub. The building has a large main concert hall with several side rooms available if required, and has car parking. JB explained the building needed to be inspected and should have fridges for vaccine storage and wi-fi for recording data, however it might well be considered as vaccination clinics became more regular.

MK said if wi-fi was a problem at the centre he might be able to assist.

JB said that she had visited the vaccination centre at St Clare to see how it was working there. The main problem was traffic congestion causing some people to be late for appointments. DL said he had taken his mother for the jab at St Clare and although it looked chaotic in fact the whole experience was positive and worked well.

DL said the Covid volunteers in Marazion would be willing to assist with traffic management if required.

JB said several calls had been received from people shielding asking for the vaccine, but the Gov’t priorities for vaccination were being followed. Vaccinating all over 80’s will prevent 80% of covid deaths.

MK said he was aware of younger people in NHS who do not interact with the public who received the vaccine. JB said this could be because once a batch of vaccine was open it had to be used within a certain time. It might have been that some was left over and rather than waste it other people may have been vaccinated.

JB said covid had ‘taken over’ at the surgery, but emphasized the surgery was open for ‘business as usual, the phone lines were open and the public should continue to contact them if concerned about any medical condition.

MK asked about NHS volunteers schemes he had seen on social media.

DL said this was probably the Volunteer Responder Service – he had registered to help at vaccination centres and had an App on his phone for call outs.

MK provided the following links immediately after the meeting:

Marazion Churches PB said that the Methodist Chapel remained closed and zoom services continued alongside live facebook bible studies and recorded services. 18 people came to the last zoom service which  worked well.

DL asked how people were informed about zoom services if they wanted to join?  PB said at the moment it was down to word of mouth but welcomed the opportunity to publish zoom links on FB to encourage others to join.

JR mentioned she had held a zoom assembly which 70 children and their parents had attended which was amazing and worked really well.

PE said zoom services seemed to encourage interaction between people who otherwise may not have contributed in a normal public meeting environment, but were happy to speak up from the security of their front rooms. JR agreed this was her experience also.

JG said All Saints Church remains open with 8 attending last Sunday morning service. However with the increased prevalence of the virus in Marazion the church wardens were contacting congregation members to see if everybody was still happy coming to meetings. A decision on remaining open for services was awaited.

At the moment there will be a service on Sunday, but there’s no Wednesday service or evening prayer on Sundays.





PE to publish zoom link on facebook.

Marazion School JR said this week the school has had 14 – 16 children present which is double the numbers attending during the first lockdown. The Government have noted this trend nationally and instructed where the children of critical workers can work from home then their children should not be sent into school.

JR mentioned the national free school meals (FSM) media coverage, but reassured the group that a food voucher system was in place in Marazion and was working well and that a national FSM food voucher scheme was planned to start next week.

JR said the social and emotional well being of children was high on the school’s agenda and measures were in place to identify children who would benefit from partial school attendance during lockdown.

JR said that all staff are coming into school to teach their bubbles and engage in remote tuition at the moment. The prime minister has stated that schools would remain ‘closed’ to the vast majority of children until after February half term.

Chamber of Commerce PE said there had been a couple further reports of holiday homes being occupied, but he had ‘investigated’ and can confirm no breaches were identified.

PE said Trevenner Road Stores was currently closed for covid self isolation. GR said Trevenner Road would be re-opening shortly but had decided not to sell newspapers for the time being to reduce footfall. Goldsithney stores were also currently closed.

PE mentioned the increased restrictions on click & collect and food outlet sales implemented today in Scotland, and anticipated the English Gov’t could follow suit.

PE expressed approval of the supermarkets new insistence on shoppers wearing facemasks, but highlighted the fact that shopper numbers, sanitation of trolleys and poorly maintained sanitization points at supermarkets showed they – and the public had let things slip.



AOB none  
Next Meeting Next Zoom meeting at 8.00pm on Wednesday 20th January 2021.