Meeting Minutes, 13th July 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Monday 13th July 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair) &  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group),Rev Paul Benney (Methodist), Jackie […]

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Monday 13th July 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair) &  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group),Rev Paul Benney (Methodist), Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery).

Michelle Carne ‘Home Group’.

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Minutes Minutes of meeting 6th July approved for circulation  
Matters arising Open High Street Fund was an agenda item was deferred until the next Town Council meeting. However it is unlikely Marazion will be able to benefit from the fund.

Reopening Toilets and playing field on agenda for Town Council meeting 14.7.20


Reply from Public Health Cornwall (PE task)

Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can get a free test to check if they have the virus.

The following can also get a test with or without symptoms:

•          All patients admitted to hospital

•          All patients prior to appointment if advised by a clinician

•          All patients prior to admission to a care home (either from hospital or any other setting)

If someone has symptoms of coronavirus they should go to   and at the bottom of the page there is a link to   which will let the symptomatic person order a home test or book a test at one of the mobile testing units in their area.

The site requires contact details (telephone, e-mail) as well as postcode.

If a symptomatic person who requires a test cannot access the internet, they should call 119 which is the coronavirus testing call centre.

If you want to attend a mobile testing unit then a list of current sites nearest to your postcode are displayed along with how many slots are available.

For example, this week the mobile testing units are in Camborne and Falmouth as well as Exeter, Barnstable and Plymouth.

As the mobile testing units will move around, and the number of available slots is dynamic, it is best to check the latest information through the testing website above. The latest details should be displayed to those symptomatic accessing the website and requesting a test at an available mobile testing unit.



MK said he had applied for a test and attended Cambourne testing facility. Test booked at 11am – carried out at 2.30pm and negative result received by 7.50am the following day. Impressed by speed and efficiency of the system





Marazion Town Council GR said she was back working at Cobbles Corner and that she and Cheryl were keeping an eye out for people who were struggling.

The shop is busier now, but fewer locals visiting, which is the trend in summer.


GR said BB was Ok in good spirits and nearly back to his normal self.


WC said there were quite a few visitors, but not causing a problem and seemed to be behaving themselves. The Square seating area was easing a potential problem of overcrowding outside the Kings Arms.


DL said he had spoken with Harvey Thomas and visited the Mount. All seemed to be going well and felt very safe. There is a keep right policy on the causeway and an established one-way system in the castle which should work when it reopens to visitors.










Marazion Chamber of Commerce PE reported that Malcolm Bell of Visit Cornwall was now promoting Cornwall rather than telling people to stay away and accepted that media hype exaggerated the issue of hoardes of tourists descending upon Cornwall.


PE said that the 10 social distancing signs mentioned last week had been produced and erected around town. They feature a dolphin and say keep a dolphin apart rather than a numerical distance on the grounds the ‘science keeps changing’ on what social distance should be maintained.


The reasoning behind the signs was to demonstrate to Marazion community that the Chamber was investing in their wellbeing at the same time as encouraging visitors. The signs should also serve to remind locals that they need to maintain social distancing.


Feedback re the signs on facebook was overwhelmingly positive.


PE has drafted a press release to the Cornishman to accompany a photo of JG with a random tourist at the dolphin fountain to promote the signs.  The press release includes information about the Mz Covid Support Group  and the work ongoing.

PE thanks MK for keeping the designated number active.

PE said that test, track and test was a bit of an issue to him and perhaps other businesses. PE went to the Fire Engine for a meal – his name and telephone number is retained in case of test and trace. If PE was then contacted, he would have to self-isolate for 14 days and therefore need to close his B&B and cancel all bookings. It was therefore unlikely that PE could risk dining out or going to facilities that required his details.

PE is seeking clarification on his understanding of the requirements.


PE said he would be away on a ‘grand tour of Cornwall in his caravan for 7 weeks but would join zoom meetings remotely from wi-fi hot spots and be able to carry on forum secretary work and facebook updates.


MK asked if many businesses in town had taken up the Government 50% off eating and VAT relaxation support offered from Today. PE has circulated the application guidance but doesn’t know how many will apply yet.






























PE to establish uptake of Gov’t voucher scheme

MzCSG MK said he has done shopping for BB and 4 others – small amounts now.


MS has been in and out of Treliske but is back at Fairholme.

He had made a referral to Home Group Michelle Carnes on behalf of MS. 4-page referral document so not straightforward.


JH has care tomorrow, so his wife has 31/2 hours respite for 1st time in 2 years.!


Prescription still delivered by Victoria and Jacquelin. Prescriptions delivered where people are shielding or urgently required.

Lots more food being provided by Morrisons including a cage of pasta which will be stored at the school.

Marazion School JR said school was due to close for the summer holidays on Friday. The vast majority of Y6 children are now in school.


The Head and Governors are cautiously planning for next year with the target of social distancing being amended to ‘reducing contact’. There will be no whole school gatherings to start with and staggered start and finish times.


Homebased learning is ongoing.


Staff reported 2 possible cases which were tested and proved negative. The experience of dealing with suspected cases was a good exercise. All parents of children currently at school were informed.


Parents have assisted with drop off social distancing by parking away from School Lane and walking the final ¼ mile.


Food deliveries going well with more being donated by Morrisons. There will be a big delivery to families at the start of August. Families are very appreciative.


PE commended JR saying that he had 3 relatives working in schools nationwide and what Marazion school were doing was excellent and streets ahead compared to the schools he had heard of.

Marazion Surgery JB said little to report other than the Government were considering offering flu vaccine to all above 50 years. Not sure how this would be achieved as supplies of vaccine may be an issue.


The surgery now has a young man taking temperature of those attending at the door. This is because volume of visits has increased, and reception staff were required at their desks.

Marazion Churches JG said the service went well on Sunday with CD’s used for some songs, whilst she and Penney sang 2 hymns.

The funeral of Desmond Reynolds went well.


PB said there was no change at the Methodist Chapel which was still closed until August.

He reminded the group that there was money in the ‘relief fund’ which needed spending at some stage and was there to be used.






AOB none  


NextMeeting DL suggested that as there was less to update, and things were in place and running well then forum meetings should be fortnightly.

If there was something urgent a meeting could soon be called. All agreed.

Next Zoom meeting 8.00pm 27th July.


  These minutes were approved at the meeting on 27th July.