Meeting Minutes, 18th May 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Monday 18th May 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) ,  Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery), […]
  1. Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Monday 18th May 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) ,  Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery), Rev Paul Benney (Methodist).  
Apologies Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group),  
Minutes Approve minutes of previous meeting.

Minutes duly approved for publication on website.

PE to publish minutes.
Matters arising GR passed details of MARU to neighbours of SG which initiated visit by safeguarding team and doctor so that appropriate care measures are now in place.

PB spoke with nephew of SG who was very grateful for the intervention.

MzCSG DL said MK sends apologies but provided the following update:

Low call volume this week (only 2 calls on spreadsheet) although shopping continues as normal for ‘regulars. Shopping is now on Tuesday / Thursday and Saturdays.

Prescription delivery continue with core team of volunteers and is working well.

MK continues to assist with arrangements re ‘MS’

DL said it is important to keep a record of tasks completed as well as calls received on the spreadsheet so that we can show the worth of the MzSG.

There had been one misuse of facebook relating to report of ‘middle aged drunks’ – the post had been removed and rules of site reiterated. – Supportive posts  – not name and shame forum.



MK to ensure routine volunteer activity is properly recorded

Surgery JB said the surgery would be closed BH Monday.

Lower Covid numbers than expected in Cornwall which is good news.

E-Consult is working well although increased use of telephones by doctors to call patients means fewer incoming lines are available for public calls.

The surgery is working to obtain more patient mobile phone numbers.

PE to post surgery closed on BH Monday message on FB site






All Saints Church & Methodist Chapel JG calls continuing but nothing of note to report

PB said he had dealt with a lot of graveside funerals which feel very strange. At the crematorium the funeral can be live streamed on zoom so PB has relatives ‘attending’ from New Zealand and South Africa.

School JR said she had delivered more Marazion food parcels which included toiletries and fudge donated locally. The stock is getting low at the SC so the Rotary money donated will be used to purchase some more essential items for families known to be in financial hardship. (See later re funding)

4 extra families have registered for free school meals so now get the weekly vouchers. JR is encouraging other parents to apply as they face increased hardship through job losses and now meet the criteria.

JG asked how vulnerable families or individuals are identified other than if they have children at the primary school. JR said she was in contact with Humphrey Davey and there were some measures in place, but she would contact them to make sure no one with children fell through the net.

JR continues to work toward Gov’t plan to re-open for reception and Y6 by 1st June. Marazion school Governors have said this will be done. JR said this would be achieved with caution in a phased, safe, controlled, part time manner in consultation with parents.

JR said several parents have decided not to allow their children back to school until September. The Gov’t has said there will no be penalties for parents who do not send children to school.

JR said home based learning was working well for some, and not so well for others. She would prefer to bring back children who need more support, rather than base on year groups….

JR said it wasn’t just parents who were reluctant to return – some staff were from vulnerable groups and were concerned at the prospect too.

PE asked whether volunteers from MzSG could assist at the school, but it may be an option in future. CRB / Safeguarding checks can quickly be processed these days.  JR said not at present as no visitors were permitted. The Gov’t is appealing for retired teachers to assist with summer schools.

Chamber of Commerce PE said he had been approached by a donor in Marazion who wants to give £500 to assist provide support to needy families.

The question is – How do we identify needy families and should support be financial – or should we spend the money and purchase essential items to distribute to families & individuals suffering hardship.

PE said that Mousehole Solomon Browne  community had advertised a confidential  financial support fund for people in Penwith (not just Mousehole) on facebook .

(See extract and text below from the site)

Solomon Browne Memorial Hall

16 May at 18:35 ·

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has had a severe impact on many people’s income.

We are administering a small grants programme to help people buy essential items. The grant is available for anyone living in Penwith and applications will be treated confidentially.

The grant is £20 for a household of one or two people, or £40 for a household of two or more people and is for people in urgent need of money for essential supplies such as food, medicine and toiletries.

To apply or find out more information please email or call 01736 731040 (voicemail messages will be picked up daily).

Please help us by sharing this message so that we can reach the people who may need this help.

Discussion followed which concluded it would be best to purchase essential items instead of giving cash donations as then we can be sure where the money has gone and produce receipts to ensure accountability.

It was agreed that any donated money should be paid into the Town Council account.

(Note from PE  – In hindsight might it be better to allow the Methodist chapel to receive the donation.. that way the £500 would become £600 under gift aid rules and the chapel already have a fund set aside for the community of Marazion – just checking with PB)

GB said she could check via Souad at Cobble Corner and Reece at Trevenner Stores for ideas of other needy individual / families.

Other Forum members to also identify need.

JG said the Marazion in Bloom (sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce) is going ahead this year. The theme may well be scarecrows. Not sure whether public spaces will be tended this year… more volunteers are needed. Item scheduled in this week’s Cornishman.



















PE to check with Solomon Browne fund to see how the system operates & report to next meeting.





GB to identify need via Cobble Corner and Trevenner Stores

Town Council DL said he had spoken with Harvey Thomas from SAE regarding car parks and the toilets. Harvey is looking for feedback on whether to open the car parks this coming BH weekend to alleviate potential on street parking issues in Marazion

The toilets can’t be opened because of ongoing (delayed) plumbing work.

·       GR said she is against opening the car park at the moment

·       JG said there was lots of room over last weekend in the ‘Godolphin’ sea front car parks without needing to open the Follyfield as well.

·       WC said he would be in favour of opening the car park when Marazion businesses can re-open, but at the moment there’s nowhere In Marazion for tourists to eat, go to the toilet or buy things and the Mount remains closed. (Some shops but not pubs or cafes may be able to re-open on 1st June).

·       JB is against saying we shouldn’t encourage footfall.

·       PE is not in favour, however if congestion becomes an issue he thought it would be a simple matter to unlock the gates to accommodate people who are now entitled to drive to visit and exercise on the beach.

DL will feedback to Harvey.

Harvey will attend the next meeting to provide an update from SAE about the Mount plans.









AOB MK authorised to purchase some pet food for animals currently cared for whilst MS is in hospital.  
  Meeting closed at 9.00pm

Next forum Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 25th May



  These Minutes were approved for publication on 25th May