Meeting Minutes, 20th April 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Monday 20th April 2020   Item Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce) . Rev Paul Benney […]

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Monday 20th April 2020


Item Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce) . Rev Paul Benney (Methodist) , Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery), Harvey Thomas (St Aubyns Estates), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School)
Apologies None
Matters arising All points from previous minutes have been expedited.
Derek Laity

Marazion Council

DL welcomed Harvey Thomas and Jenny Rainbow to their first meeting.

DL has spoken with Cornwall Council, and raised with Cllr Sue Nicholls the need to access to the vulnerable persons list so we can make sure nobody in Marazion ‘slips through the net’, but this has been denied.

The Town Council has authorised £200 for the MCSG to help with expenses including prizes for children’s competitions.

DL has done an article for the Cornishman ‘Down your way’ which should be published this Thursday. Jenny Rainbow offered to circulate the article with the school newsletter.

GR asked about PPE for those doing shopping. MK said at present there was no physical contact – social distancing was maintained, but if there was a need for masks perhaps some of the money could be used for that in future.

Helpline MK said calls had decreased last week. On two days no calls were received at all. (There were a total of 15 calls). The reduction is probably because some of the people helped previously have become ‘regulars’, so that someone now does their shopping without having to be asked.

Vulnerable people were still being identified – and in some cases have asked for help via the facebook page resulting in others interacting with comments. This is not good from a confidentiality perspective as it potentially exposes the vulnerable person to exploitation. Such posts are being ‘taken down’ and the caller advised to call the helpline in future.

There has been an increase in prescriptions delivered from Baden House pharmacy and the system is working very well.

JG said that as she lived next door to the pharmacy if there were any last minute prescriptions, she could nip next door to collect them. MK  said that would be very helpful.

WC asked if other groups were operating nearby – MK said there was a group in Perranuthnoe using a calling tree support method and a group at Goldsithney, but it seemed other places didn’t have the well developed arrangements that we have in place n Marazion.
























Surgery JB expressed continued concern that ‘regular patients’ who would normally attend for heart conditions etc. are still not presenting at the surgery. PE said he had put something about this on facebook last week, and asked JB to post something on the surgery fb page that he could share to a wider audience.

When asked JB said she was unable to elaborate on the location of people with the virus and didn’t want to frighten the community but there were some positive cases within the surgery catchment area and the figures in Cornwall were still rising. People must not assume it’s something that won’t affect Marazion – and must maintain social distancing in the assumption that everybody you meet is infected.

JB emphasized that frequent hand washing with soap is vital.

JB asked as many as possible to download the NHS symptom tracker. Simply download the App, register your details then report daily on how you’re feeling that day. It takes just 1 minute each day.  which will help the NHS to monitor the spread of the virus. So far 10,000 have downloaded it in Cornwall, but we need more to sign up. The idea is that each day you update your health to say you are well or if you have any symptoms. This is analysed to see any changes, trends or hot spots etc..

JB to post something re surgery attendance on surgery fb page for PE to share widely.










PE to circulate APP on FB

Welfare Contact calls. JG said that welfare calls were continuing and that she was sharing details of on-line meditations and ‘virtual’ Sunday services for people to join if they wished to.

JG said The View parish magazine would be published in the coming week with an article about Covid-19 and the MzCSG.

PE noted that the last edition of ‘The View’ was available on-line on the All Saints page of the website. JG said this was the first time they had done this and the new edition would also be posted on line. Although this was a great was to share news she said the problem was that production depends on revenue from sales, so a free on-line version in a way is counter productive.

PB said he was ‘in awe’ of the work being done by everyone and encouraged us all to ‘keep up the good work’.










St Aubyns Estates (SAE) HT congratulated the forum on the valuable arrangements in place for Marazion and updated the group with news from St Aubyns Estates.

HT said all aspects of SAE businesses except the farms had been shut down, and all but a skeleton crew of 22 employees had been furloughed. He said that some regular seasonal workers had ‘fallen through’ the furlough net due to their employment not starting before the revised deadline of 19th March, but SAE had established a hardship fund to assist those employees experiencing financial need.

To assist with lockdown measures the island causeway access had been gated to prevent people coming over to the Mount harbour, and all car parks closed except the town centre Godolphin/Estate office car parks.

The harbour was closed and boats normally moored there had not been permitted to do so.

SAE were busy engaged in forward planning how to respond to partial or incremental lifting of restrictions and how to observe social distancing if that remains in place.

Marazion School JR echoed HT’s praise of the MzCSG and forum work saying it had been ‘amazing’.

JR said attendance at the school prior to lockdown dropped to around 30 as many parents kept their children at home

The school was closed over Easter but is now open for children of key workers. Around 5 children attend school daily. Most staff are working from home preparing lessons, making phone calls and keeping in touch with pupils to provide support, pastoral care and ensuring emotional well being.

The school is able to offer work for the children at home either by paper or on line using their ‘See Saw’ programme. Some families are doing their own thing with education.

JR personally delivers food parcels on Mondays to 35 local families (for 45 children) whose children qualify for free school meals. This is very much appreciated by parents who otherwise would struggle. It’s also an opportunity to see the children – albeit from a distance. Deliveries are ‘knock and run’ with the food being left on the doorstep and teachers backing away 2m.

PE informed JR that the MCSG had over 30 volunteers who could assist with this. JR thought this would be very helpful and will liaise with MK to arrange help with deliveries.

GR asked who provided the food? JR said that Chartwells have the contract for school meals and were ordering and preparing food parcels. However the school did this from their own budget during school holidays.

GR said that a local person had generously made arrangements for provision of food and hygiene products and she would speak with JR outside the meeting to establish if that would be of assistance.

PE said that nationally there had been an increase in domestic violence and child abuse during lockdown and asked how this was being monitored in Marazion. JR said that they had a good network in place to keep in touch with children with education or welfare plans in place. This extended to children of senior school age, some of whom had younger siblings at Marazion school.

The Oasis nursery in Marazion is closed but is operating from Ludgvan.

MK asked whether JR would be willing to promote any future competitions for children. JR agreed and said at the moment children were designing 100th birthdays cards for Capt. Tom Moore.























JR to liaise with MK to arrange help delivering food parcels on Mondays.






JR 7 GR to speak outside meeting re food parcels.

MK to liaise with JR about future competitions

Chamber of Commerce PE said that not a great deal had changed with those businesses unable to operate or offer an alternative service still being closed.

Food deliveries were much appreciated from Marazion businesses (Copper Spoon, Jordans, Katies Hot Pots). And MK’s Prima pasties had been very well received (A new order was now advertised on the fb page).

The Peppercorn Café in Perranuthnoe is now also offering a pre-order delivery service on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

PE will go around town re-fixing some Covid posters which have become loose.






DL said that the town had planned to commemorate VE day on 8th May, but clearly this would have to be scaled down.

There is a national VE day organisation and PE had asked Jane Rawlins to adapt the poster for Marazion.

The idea is to hold a ‘stay at home’ street party where residents would be asked to decorate their homes and windows with flags and red white and blue and perhaps have a picnic in the front garden whilst maintaining social distancing.

PE will request all Marazion businesses to decorate their shop windows – even if they are closed.

DL plans to lay a wreath on behalf of the council on VE day, but would not publicise the time to avoid public attendance. This would be filmed and shared on facebook.

WC concluded the meeting by warmly thanking everyone involved in the forum and the community volunteers. He said everybody has brought forward something of value from their profession or role and are working together to tackle the virus which has brought out the very best of the Marazion community spirit.
Meeting closed at 9.10pm

Next forum Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 27th April