Meeting Minutes, 27th April 2020

Item Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce) . Rev Paul Benney (Methodist) , Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Cllr Paul Vincent Apologies Jackie Brown […]
Item Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce) . Rev Paul Benney (Methodist) , Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Cllr Paul Vincent
Apologies Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)
Matters arising All points from previous minutes have been expedited.
Derek Laity

Marazion Council

DL welcomed Cllr Paul Vincent as an observer to the meeting


Helpline MK said calls were coming in at the rate of 4 or 5 a day, but a couple days there were no calls (18 calls in the week).

Requests were for shopping, prescriptions and to pay bills.

MK said it had been a difficult week with much time spent assisting one individual (M) who has previously been identified by MzCSG as vulnerable and unfortunately has been hospitalized after a fall. M’s dog was housed through MzCSG and pet cats were being fed. MK had been liaising with Social Services re M’s continuing care plan and Occ Health provision for M’s mobility at home. When M is discharged from hospital continued support &  contact will be important.

WC commented that yet again MzVSG had gone above and beyond, and this highlights what could have slipped through the net had the group not been in place.  WC thanks MK for his personal involvement in M’s case.

DL said that the Cornwall Council vulnerable persons list had been taken from James Hardy and given to another department.

It remains inaccessible to the group and to the surgery.

The Council have promised a ‘resource list’ but that has not yet been provided.

MK said people had stayed at a holiday home on Trevenner Lane over the weekend. The matter was reported to the police, but the people had left by Monday morning when police attended. It is believed the people were from Taunton and were the builders property. Reaction to the visit the MzCSG facebook page was ‘offensive’ and the post had to be taken down.
























Homeless person DL said he had spoken with a homeless man who had pitched his tent on the Folly Field. The man was not forthcoming when asked his intentions and did not appear interested in provision for homeless people made available during the covid crisis.

DL informed ‘Street Link’ and was impressed that an outreach worker attended and spoke with the man within an hour.

The man refused assistance and later was seen walking towards Penzance.

JG said the man was a regular homeless person who came to Marazion a couple of times a year. He had previously slept in the porch of the church and had refused help, including a new pair of shoes which were given to him by Rev Kirsten Norfolk.

DL to remember to use Street Link to provide support in cases of future homeless persons visiting the town.
School JR said she had continued with Monday food packages to families and that at the moment she was coping with demand. However should numbers increase she would happily call upon MzCSG to assist in delivery.

Planning an exit strategy to re-open schools continued with no end to lockdown currently in sight. Social distancing would probably continue, but this is very difficult in a school environment with limited classroom space and requirement for staggered breaks

It was suggested that the Community Centre may be a good place for lessons if required, and that other groups using the centre could temporarily relocate to the Chapel, or church halls, the Town Hall, Sailing Club or even the Godolphin Arms.

JR mentioned safeguarding requirements when non school premises used.

JR & GR had spoken re food parcel support and GR had provided toiletries for a needy family.










Welfare Calls PB said the Methodist Chapel had been left a sum of money to be used for families in need in Marazion and he could use that money during these times if a need was identified.

JG said church services were being streamed on line and ‘The View’ magazine would be produced in an on-line version for circulation on the website and facebook pages.

JG has contacted all of the volunteers who said they will call others and advised them how to use the calling tree model where everybody rings 2 or 3 others.

DL commented that he had enjoyed Paul Benney’s Sunday sermon this week and JR asked that this digital church concept be continued after Covid crisis has ended as some people are intimidated by going into church, but happily receive a church on-line service.

DL thanks PB and JG for their contribution to the meeting and for the welfare calls they were making.

Chamber of Commerce PE said that the CopperSpoon, Katies Hotpots were busy doing take away food. Jordan’s were still delivering, but had not provided any updates for the fb page. The Peppercorn Café in Perranuthnoe was also delivering excellent food on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

PE will promote the 75th anniversary VE Stay at Home party this week and ask all businesses to decorate their shop fronts, plus ask all residents to decorate their houses.

Keepsakes have a good stock of Union Jacks, bunting and rainbow whirly thingamajigs, as well as St Pirans flags etc.

PE has written to the Government, County Council, Visit Cornwall and Local Government Associations regarding the £10,000 to 2nd home owners on the grounds the properties are rated as small businesses. Unfortunately anger is being directed at holiday home owners, who are in fact obliged to register for business rates by Cornwall Council and are abiding by the law, not exploiting a loop hole. It is the law that needs clarifying as this does not apply in all counties.

















AOB GR said that Cobbles Corner had a box outside with free children’s books.

GR commented on increased traffic through the town and on the by-pass and hoped it was an indicator of more people disregarding the lockdown.

The police have been stopping cars on the bypass and A30 as well as moving people from the beach.

MK had taken orders worth over £1,000 for his 2nd Prima pastie and doughnut run.

St Aubyns main carpark gate was unlocked. DL to inform Harvey Thomas.








DL to inform Harvey Thomas.

WC said once again the group was proving its worth and thanked everybody for their involvement.

PV echoed WC’s comments and thanked everyone involved in his capacity as a Councillor and as a resident.

DL said that when Covid is all over it would be useful to continue meeting as a group on a less frequent basis to help maintain the well being of the town and community spirit.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm

Next forum Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 4th May