Meeting Minutes, 6th April 2020

    Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds, Julia Greig, Rev, Mike Kearnon, Paul Elliott. Rev Paul Benney, Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)   Apologies None   Derek Laity Marazion Council DL welcomed Jackie Brown Marazion Surgery Practice Manager to the forum. Harvey Thomas the CEO of St […]
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, Cllr Gabbie Reynolds, Julia Greig, Rev, Mike Kearnon, Paul Elliott. Rev Paul Benney, Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)  
Apologies None  
Derek Laity

Marazion Council

DL welcomed Jackie Brown Marazion Surgery Practice Manager to the forum.

Harvey Thomas the CEO of St Aubyn Estates will be joining the next meeting.

Helpline MK reported that calls were being received at the rate of 6 8 per day, although no calls on Sunday. (37 calls since last meeting).

The bulk of calls were for shopping and prescriptions.

Shopping for 6 people simultaneously remains a challenging and can take up to 2 ½ hours. The manager at Morrisons now allows Mike to buy more than the normal maximum number of items and ‘jump the queue’ which should make it easier.

The tabards are really useful.

Payment arrangements are working well with some people paying by cash and others by BACS.

Prescriptions MK said prescription arrangements are smoother – He phones ahead to confirm prescriptions are complete, rather than having to make repeat visits. A regular team of volunteers pick up and deliver prescriptions.

Unfortunately some prescriptions need to be collected from Penzance.

JR said that patients can elect for prescriptions to be sent to a pharmacy of their choice and it would be an idea for those with prescriptions in Penzance to change to Baden House in Marazion. Most pharmacies can deliver.

JR said that there had been a huge increase in prescriptions with people who were prescribed inhalers in the past and not using them who are now asking for an inhaler. There is no shortage of inhalers, but there is a problem with supply.

PE has visited Baden House Pharmacy and agreed the following protocol for collection of prescriptions so that volunteers can be as efficient as possible in collection and delivery of prescriptions.

The procedure now will be that Baden House Pharmacy will deliver prescriptions on Wednesday and Fridays (which is their standard procedure to regular clients).

Volunteers will be contacted to deliver prescriptions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Monday’s prescription deliveries are not usually possible as stock won’t have arrived until Tuesday morning.

Baden House will contact the Helpline on 01736 339282 on Tuesday and Thursday to inform the call taker that prescriptions are ready for collection.

The call taker will then contact one of the authorised delivery volunteers -Victoria Johns, Paul & Judith Vincent, Jacqueline Edwards or Mike Kearnon to ask if they are available to collect and deliver.

The above volunteers are the only persons authorised to collect prescription medicines on behalf of the Marazion Covid Support Group.

In future incomplete prescriptions will not be handed to the volunteers for delivery. The pharmacy will ensure all items of the prescription are bagged up together before dispatching it. This will reduce the need for volunteers to make multiple visits to collect and deliver prescription drugs an item at a time.

The pharmacy will provide the volunteer with a written list showing the name and address of each person, their prescription, how many bags and how many items per bag.

There will no longer be a need for local residents to call the helpline to ask for prescriptions to be delivered , as all prescriptions prepared by the pharmacy which need delivery will be made up and delivered either by the pharmacy or MCSG volunteers under the above arrangements.

As with all things there are exceptions to this rule….

If a person needs an urgent prescription such as antibiotics, the prescription can be collected any day for prompt delivery.

We think this system will work well for the volunteers, pharmacy and local community – however if there are any hiccups we can amend accordingly.

JB stated the surgery dispensary will not close for Easter. The dispensary is very busy so window is only open for collections in the mornings. The rest of the time, sometimes unttil10 pm staff are making up prescriptions.

JB said that the projected peak for cases of Covid 19 in Cornwall was probably the end of April and we should expect a sharp rise in numbers in the coming days.

MK had rumours that people as close as Crowlas had the virus and wondered whether local people should be informed to ensure they remain vigalent.

DL said the facebook posts by PE made it clear that people should behave as if everybody had the virus.

Welfare Contact calls. JG said the church phone system was up and running with each person calling two others in a ‘pyramid’ ring around system.

The calls are for welfare and to generally chat to keep people company and let them know they haven’t been forgotten.

PE has sent a list of volunteers to Julia who have would like to be phone buddies. Several of these volunteers either can’t drive, are over 70 or have underlying health issues so they can’t go shopping or run errands, but are very happy to make calls.

PB reported that calls are being made through the Methodist circuit. He said that several villages had heard f the initiative in Marazion and were very impressed. Marazion Covid Support Group is well ahead – well done!

PE asked whether the Council could share details of the vulnerable persons list that they maintain so we could proactively contact Marazion people who may be grateful for a call? DL stated he would speak with James Hardy of Cornwall Council to establish if the list could be shared.

JB said she would speak with the surgery Community Care Coordinator to establish if she could share names for making contact

JB said NHS England would have a list of people receiving food parcels in Marazion after receiving the letter from PM Boris.

GR identified some people known to her through working at the Post Office who might benefit from a call.

















DL to contact James Hardy



JB to enquire with Community Care Coordinator and NHS England to identify vulnerable people who would benefit from contact.

Lockdown Compliance DL said that he thought the people of Marazion were being very sensible and were observing the lockdown. It was exceptionally quiet in and around the town and on the beaches.

PE said there had been a report of a sailing dinghy being used coming ashore on the twon beach. Peter Brady Commodore of MBSC had been contacted and will put something out to members in case it was someone from the sailing club. The RYA and governing bodies for SUP and windsurfing have all said recreational boating is not considered to be ‘exercise’ under the lockdown regulations.

GR said there had been rowing boats out too.

PE reported that holiday cottages on the whole appear to be unoccupied and has circulated a Cornwall Council reporting e-mail (  for the public to message if they believe a property has holiday makers staying.

The Cornwall Council are deploying enforcement officers to investigate and deal with these reports.

MK reported that a house to the west of Marazion had been visited by the police after such a report, but it turned out the people were there legitimately.

PE pointed out that some Airbnb and Holiday cottages were legitimately occupied by NHS and other essential workers who need to self-isolate from their families due to the nature of their work.

MK stated that a couple of camping vans had been parked up on the Station Car Park at the weekend but have now gone.

DL said that the National Association of Local Councils had asked for cemeteries to be closed. However Marazion had decided not to close the cemetery as this request was more applicable to large towns where perhaps the cemetery is the only green space.








DL to contact Surgery practice Manager

Local Business PE said that Baker Toms had re-located to the Community Centre and were very busy. PE was trying to promote local businesses such as Jordans, Katies Hot Pots, Lovells Cakes and Bakes who do local deliveries and The Copper Spoon who are doing pre cooked meals for collection to order in advance.

GR asked about the Copperspoon who seemed to be advertising on facebook that they were open for take away food and it wasn’t clear from the blackboard at the shop what was actually being offered?

PE said the Copper spoon reposted an old advert in error and have since apologised with this message:  “This advert was reposted BY ACCIDENT. My apologies. We are not open for takeaway now or since we closed the doors. Our staff are safely at home and we encourage everyone to follow guidance on social distancing and staying safe. Our service in the future will be intermittent collections at separate set times or delivery. I just wanted to change a picture and messed it up. Sorry everyone. Our first concern is to keep safe and look after the NHS by being responsible. We truly didn’t mean to cause any stress or upset. Lots of love”.

(A great directory of local deliveries of fresh bread, fish, fruit, meat and veg was published today by Plastic Free Penzance…. It includes Marazion businesses and those doing deliveries to Marazion.

MK said the Toby & Robyn of Fire Engine were looking at doing fish and chips for home delivery to vulnerable people and that the Kings Arms had managed to get an order of frozen Pasties which were offered for collection.

  MK has come up with a scarecrow competition to keep the children busy. There were 2 prizes of £10 Amazon vouchers. DL said the Town Council would pay for this.

PE said that with there being so many galleries in town he would contact them to see if they could come up with some “arty activities”





PE to contact galleries

  Meeting closed at 9.05pm

Next Zoom meeting will be 8pm on Monday 13th April