Meeting Minutes, 6th January 2021

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Wednesday 6th January 2021 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Rev. Paul Benney (Methodist); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce);Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support […]
  1. Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Wednesday 6th January 2021

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Rev. Paul Benney (Methodist); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce);Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)  
Minutes Minutes of meeting 14th December approved for circulation  
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Marazion Town Council Although play areas were not required by law to close DL reported that the Town Council has decided to close both the play areas  to maintain a consistent approach to previous lockdown closures. The rationale being that children using the play areas – and their parents were not sanitising or maintaining social distancing, also children from out of Marazion were using the facilities when travel from other areas was being discouraged.

The main Folly Field car park has been closed by St Aubyn Estates to discourage visitors from out of town.

DL said that in late December he had been pleased to present certificates of appreciation to businesses which had stayed open throughout the pandemic and provided a valuable service to the community. These include Marazion Surgery, Marazion School, Trevenner Road Stores, Copper Spoon Café, Baden House Pharmacy and Cobble Corner.

DL also said that the annual civic service had been cancelled. This was when the Marazion Champion of the Year was usually announced. The procedure is usually to ask for nominations for candidates, but this year there was no question as to who should receive this accolade and the award was presented to Mike Kearon at a surprise ceremony at the Town Hall on 20th December. Mike had denmonstrated initiative in setting the foundations of the Marazion Covid Support group and had consistently been at the coal face providing hands on care, shopping, and other support throughout the year. Everybody present expressed their pleasure that Mike had received this well deserved award.






























MzCSG MK said the Christmas meal distribution had gone ahead on 23rd December with around 35 meals from Katies Hot Pots being delivered by himself and Billy Collins to mainly elderly recipients around the town. Without exception everybody who received a meal was very touched and grateful at this gesture.

(Importantly nobody had complained about being left out not getting a meal).

PE read a message of thanks from Donna at Wheal Rodney camping site: ….“Thank you for everything you are doing! 5 or 6 of our residents – benefitted from the Christmas lunch and were very complimentary about it. … Some have just been completely shielding and so we’ve been delivering to them, but how nice that they could all enjoy a hot meal on Christmas day with little/no effort! We’ve already expressed our thanks to Billy Collins and Derek Laity, too.”

DL has written a letter of thanks to Western Power for their £500 grant which went some was to paying for the meals. PE had seen an anonymous donor (Mr H) and informed him that some of his £500 had also  been spent on this support.

MK had 1 call over Christmas to assist with shopping otherwise it was all quiet.













Marazion Surgery JB said Covid cases in Marazion were increasing to quite a high level – a member of surgery staff was self-isolating. JB did not give specific numbers.

JB explained that the Pfizer vaccine was being rolled out but had to be administered at Bodriggy Health Centre in Hayle.

Marazion surgery was to concentrate on patients aged 80+ (including some over 100 yrs). Patients need to attend the clinic on time (not early or late to assist with social distancing on arrival). Before the jab patients are seen  by a doctor who explains the vaccination and seeks consent. This can take up to 15 minutes with some elderly people. The vaccine is then drawn up by one nurse and administered by another. After the jab patients need to remain at the centre for 15 minutes before going home which is also an issue from the perspective of social distancing.

Vaccination is due to start for Marazion patients at Bodriggy on Thursday, but details are still awaited. The clinic will be open from 7.15am – 9.00pm whilst vaccine is available.

Transport for elderly people was identified as an issue as many do not drive. There were issues about car sharing too.

JR said the school had 2 x minibuses available if required.

DL is already a driver and if required there are other drivers in the pool of volunteers who might be able to assist with transport.

Routine work at the surgery was on the back burner so that some routine check up or blood tests were being postponed to prioritise vaccination. However the surgery remains open for people who are poorly.

JB said there would be some disruption to service due to them and the other surgeries in their group due to were changing IT systems during the week of  9th February.

WC spoke for all present by thanking JB for the great work the surgery has been doing over recent months.


Marazion Churches PB said that the Lizard & Mounts Bay circuit had taken the decision to close Methodist Chapels for the lockdown.

Zoom services continued as well as other services and bible studies on-line.

JG said that Cannon Nigel Marns was coming back from visiting sick relatives later this week. All Saints would be kept open for private prayer and services and there was a service next Sunday at 9.45am.

Marazion School JR said that the decision had been made to move to remote learning for the morning of Friday 18th was fortunate as a child tested positive on the Sunday which would have meant those in the same learning bubble and staff would have had to self-isolate over Christmas.

JR said that children had not returned to school on Monday as the staff had a logistics day; then having said schools would remain open on Monday the PM decided to close all schools the following day – perhaps until after half term.

Last minute changes and mixed messages about decisions to remain open had been unhelpful, but the school was well prepared to offer remote learning straight away.

Children of critical workers and vulnerable children continue to attend lessons at school. This week there have been between 8 and 16 children present.

JR said zoom live sessions were being used for groups as well as for 1:1 with particular children, which in some cases also involved parents.

JR said they were using zoom to the full by providing variety and interest with Funky Fridays, family quizzes and super learning days.

PE asked about children access to IT and the costs of wi-fi. JR said there was a national offer for free increased data packages and the school had i-pads that were available on loan for those without computers.

WC asked if there were any concerns about disruption to learning and loss of educational time. JR said that overall there had not been evidence to cause significant concern, but she and her staff were able to plug gaps where children were not where they should be, in particular through 1:1 tuition during and after school.

Education Sec Gavin Williams has stated all children must have between 3 – 5 hours mandatory learning daily.

National free food vouchers have been promised by the Gov’t during this lockdown for children normally in receipt of school meals. JR also said that local rotary funding had been used to support financial hardship at Christmas.

Chamber of Commerce PE said that all businesses In Marazion other than the pharmacy, Cobbles Corner, Trevenner Road stores and the Copper Spoon takeaway had closed. Some like Jordan’s Café were considering their options about re-opening for pre ordered food. Some businesses had closed for refurbishment anyway, whilst others were using the opportunity to maintenance during what is traditionally a very quiet time of the year.

There had been reports of some holiday accommodation being occupied contrary to lockdown rules which prohibited this.

PE had visited one premises on Fore Street and found it was the local cleaner putting away Christmas decorations and collecting laundry etc. after Christmas guests had left. Another premises had a couple staying who had arrived before Christmas and now could not leave as the lady was a Canadian whose flight had been cancelled. PE confirmed this was in order as to require her to leave would make her ‘homeless’ – the circumstances were relayed to Cornwall Council who gave their approval.

GR highlighted two other ‘suspect’ properties near the Fire Engine – PE was able to say that for one holiday property the owners had sold up in Manchester and this was now their primary residence, the other property had security lights on a timer and was not occupied.



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Next Meeting Next Zoom meeting at 8.00pm on Wednesday 13th January 2021.