Meeting minutes, 8th June 2020

8.00pm Monday 8th June 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group),Jackie […]

8.00pm Monday 8th June 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group),Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery).  
Apologies Rev Paul Benney (Methodist),  
Minutes Minutes of 1st  June duly approved for publication on website.  
Matters arising 1.     Mz Covid Food bank idea to be discussed next meeting:

GR said that given that we now had £1,000 available to spend on food it did not seem necessary to appeal for food donations from the public.  The forum agreed unanimously that a food bank is not yet required. We will continue to accept food for food parcels if donated and from Morrisons, but will not at this time start a foodbank where we ask Marazion public to donate.


2.     DL has chased up Cornwall Council  James Hardy re their

unpaid £200 donation. He was toldit is ‘in the system’ for payment to MK.












Chamber of Commerce PE said that there was little to update from a Chamber perspective with no change to policy for accommodation or hospitality businesses to remain closed until 4th July .


PE attended a Visit Cornwall webinar on ‘Re-opening Cornwall’ where it was said there was a 60:40 chance that self catered holiday lets and camp sites may be able to open on 4th July. This is because tourists can effectively self-isolate on holiday in a cottage and cook for themselves as restaurants and pubs will probably still be closed, meaning they will have limited interaction with locals. B&B’s and hotels would probably have to remain closed.


MK said he has seen walkers down with back packs and tents who most likely are breaking the lockdown rules. PE said he was confident all chamber accommodation businesses were closed, but agreed there may be a few people taking liberties, although contact with locals was minimal and numbers were small compared to the footfall Marazion would normally expect this time of the year.


More ‘non essential’ shops are able to reopen next Monday 15th June. Business owners have to prepare risk assessments to achieve ‘Covid safe’ status and can display a certificate to reassure customers.


This is the link requested by Gabbie for the Government Guidance for working safely during corona virus


MK asked if we had a chamber meeting before shops re-open – PE said he would confer with Wendy Stoten (Vice Chair) & JG to contact all shop owners prior to our next meeting with a view to producing a ‘what’s open in Marazion’ guide.


MK suggested PE embarks on a facebook campaign to re-assure the public about safeguards that have been put in place to enable people to shop safely. Also important to stress that this is something new and shoppers should be kind to businesses if mistakes are made and discuss with shopkeepers – not resort to posting on facebook (Jelberts in Newlyn had suffered this when putting a flake into an icecream)….

PE agreed and said it was important that the general public were aware of the limitations of PPE –  Gloves should be worn once per interaction – not the same gloves all day – it’s actually better to frequently wash your hands. Face coverings (not necessarily masks) were now recommended in shops – but it’s a matter of personal choice and if you wear a mask you must still maintain social distancing.


Town Council DL said the Folly Field toilets had re-opened and looked great after refurbishment. WC (no pun intended) agreed and said the all in one toilet pans were easier to clean.

The toilets will open at the same time as the car park and be cleaned 3 times daily by contractors on behalf of St Aubyns Estates.


The town centre toilets remain closed ​as there was a major cost implication to clean them at this time. Marazion was in a better position than most towns/villages as many have no toilets open at all. The decision about the town centre toilets would remain under review.


St Michaels Mount gardens have re-opened  this week. Entry is by pre-purchased tickets with timed access. Visiting the gardens would be limited to when the tide was low so that visitors need walk over and back . The opening times would be staggered and different every day according to the tides. No ferries would operate. The castle remains closed. Harvey Thomas has said that the first day went well operationally and that the safeguards in place were working.


DL said he had a zoom meeting with other town mayors which was also attended by the Leader of Cornwall Council.

The Leader said Cornwall Council were pushing to promote an autumn / winter tourism season.

DL had asked whether Cornwall Council would help with increased toilet costs due to extra cleaning required, but this was not looking likely.

There is a ‘re-opening the high street’ fund which DL is looking into. There is also advice on temporary traffic restrictions, road closures, signage to help businesses and shopping experience.


Different towns had different ideas on social isolating – Penzance are looking at a one way pedestrian scheme controlled by volunteer street wardens. This is not being considered in Marazion.


JR said she had been to Truro market – Traders were formed in a circle instead of lines, there was a hand sanitizing point on entry and exit and it seemed to be working well.


Surgery JB said all visitors to the surgery now had to wear a face mask, have their temperature taken and wash their hands on entry. All doctors and nursing staff (but not receptionists who are behind screens anyway) are wearing PPE including visors and masks.


Patients are being encouraged to register for prescriptions on-line which will be how the future looks. Footfall remains low with patients (including the older generation) making good use of E-consult and video appointments.


The surgery is preparing to administer flu jabs…. The Government expect there to be a big take-up this year (normal take up is 77%) Invitations for all over 65’s and others with chronic illnesses will get jabs first . All school children over the age of 2 will be offered flu jab. The ‘worried well’ will be able to request jabs later too.

Jabs are administered between September and March.


JB said the surgery are looking into a shelter or gazebo to provide cover when people attend the dispensary to collect prescriptions and drop off samples.


DL suggested contacting Lodey Sail Loft (next to the old station yard on the way to Long Rock), as they might be able to make one to measure.

Telephone:01736 719359 Mobile number: 07854 056503



JB said the figures in Cornwall continued to be low, but we must not be complacent to avoid a second spike in the autumn.


MzCSG MK said it had been a quiet week for calls (14 recorded).

Once again he had been shopping for ‘regulars’, one of whom had been out and was now happy to do his own shopping in future.

Morrisons have again been very generous with Ali – their community champion donating food and other items.

This week as well as 3 bags of tinned food Morrisons donated 3 boxes of fancy dress costumes left over from Halloween. JR was delighted to receive them as they were for all sizes up to Y6 and would be great for dressing up fun in the future.


DL proposed we should send a letter of thanks to Ali at Morrisons.


JR said the food donations from Morrisons were amazing and she would like to ask the children to write a thank you  letter, as every week they are encouraged to say thank you for something – All agreed this was a great idea and would be much appreciated by Al aat Morrisons.


MK continued to provide contact / welfare support for ‘MS’ and had arranged for visit by her dog. MK had spoken with HS from Cornwall Council social care who is trying to re-house MS in a property suited to her physical needs.


MK had also liaised with GR re ‘A&BB’ welfare issues now that BB is in hospital.




















School JR thanks DL for his letter which she had shared on the school staff social media page and had been much appreciated by all staff.


JR said the school was closed Mon/Tue but would open Wednesday this week. Cleaners had been in to prepare everything. Through the crisis a much closer relationship has developed with the cleaning staff which is a good thing.

JR had purchased a ‘fogging’ machine which was expensive but would be well used.


Staff had a socially distanced meeting on the playing field today.

Each member of staff had a personal risk assessment and a choice of PPE according to their individual circumstances.


Rainbows had been painted on the footpath at2m intervals to assist children / parents maintain social distancing. DL said he didn’t normally approve of ‘street graffiti’ but this was a great idea. 😊


Bees, ladybirds, butterflies etc had been painted on the school playground for children to identify with in a fun way as they return in ‘class bubbles’


WC said he had seen a school on TV where they had mobile hand washing statins for the playground. JR thanked WC and said that was a great idea which she would explore further.


School would close over the summer holidays but may be open as a summer school, perhaps run by supply teachers.


JR said she now was doing food parcels for 6 families as one family previous supported had now qualified for vouchers.


PE asked if free school meal vouchers continued through the summer? JR said they did continue through Easter – The Government said they would not be provided in Whitsun half term – but changed their minds and did pay. At the moment vouchers will not be paid over summer, but hoped this might change. JR will continue to provide food parcels to (at least) 6 families during the holidays regardless.


Churches JG said Rev Marns was planning to re-open the 4 churches in the Mounts Bay benefice for private prayer on 15th June. It was hoped a service could take place at each church on Wednesdays and Sundays, but this was not yet confirmed.


JR asked whether the on-line services would continue as she knew of people who really valued this and hoped it would continue. JG said the on-line services would continue until at least August.


JG commended the 8am service on Radio Cornwall.


AOB none  
  Next zoom meeting – 8.00pm Monday 15th June  


  These minutes were approved for circulation on 15th June.