Meeting Minutes, June 1, 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Monday 1st June 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher […]

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Monday 1st June 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair),  Deputy Mayor William Collins, & Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council), Julia Greig (All Saints Church) , Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Paul Elliott (Mz Chamber of Commerce), Jenny Rainbow (Head Teacher Marazion School), Rev Paul Benney (Methodist), Mike Kearnon (Marazion Covid Support Group), Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery).  
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Matters arising Ideas for food parcels provided by JR:

·       Pasta – Fusili and Spahetti, Rice

·       Chopped tomatoes, baked beans, kidney beans, pasta sauce

·       Tinned peaches, pears, Jelly, angel delight, custard, ice cream sauce, corned beef, soup

·       Fresh fruit that doesn’t need refrigerating – apples, satsumas, bananas, kiwis, nectarines, plums

·       Multipack of biscuits, squash,

·       Crisps, bread sticks, rice crackers, bread, potatoes

·       Big box of rice crispies and malties

·       Soap, washing powder, toilet rolls, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush pack

·       Fridge food – Cheese, ham.

JG asked whether this list should be circulated so that Marazion could effectively set up it’s own covid foodbank. All were in favour of this idea, but logistics for collection, storage and distribution need to be considered. Suggest this be carried forward to next week.

DL has spoken with SAE regarding bins and they will be reinstated

PE spoke with Tamsin Harvey of the Solomon Browne Community Group in Mousehole to establish how they operate.

This Mousehole group was offering hardship  grants via facebook of £20 to singles and £40 to families across Penwith.

So far only 12 people have asked for assistance. Applicants need to answer some questions on an online form about their need. If it’s a cashflow issue they are asked to repay the money so it can be directed elsewhere in the future. Money is paid by cash and is confidential.

The group have a similar set up to MzCSG with a helpline number and they have leaflet dropped all properties in Mousehole.

Volunteers have been assigned neighbourhood areas to create a network of support.

They have distributed ‘smile bags’ to identified vulnerable people – comprising biscuits, puzzle books and flowers. This is to maintain positive mental health for people who may be anxious to let them know they have not been forgotten.

The group pay expenses to volunteers for fuel and things like pet food if a volunteer is required to care for an animal of someone hospitalised etc.

Some things to think about:

1.     Using fudge / biscuits donated to give to vulnerable elderly people not just via school food parcels.

2.     Use of volunteers in neighbourhood networks to identify need.

All were in favour of diverting the next batch of biscuits / fudge to the elderly and vulnerable.

JG said the Greenwood Penney Group always gave gifts to elderly relatives living at the top of town, but there were also elderly people in the lower part of town.

PE asked DL re the Saturday Gang – DL said they hadn’t been able to meet, but perhaps a picnic could be arranged for the gang and their carers when groups of more than 6 people could congregate.


















Mz Covid Food bank idea to be discussed next meeting

Chamber of Commerce PE said more businesses were offering services: Chapel Rock Café now offered hot & cold drinks plus take away cakes.

Keepsakes was selling ice creams.

Some businesses were gearing up to re-open on 15th June, although some were not planning to reopen. The Summerhouse Gallery will remain closed as they are concerned it’s too early to open and their on-line sales are going well.

With the Folly Field being reopened this weekend PE did some research with car park attendants at Folly Field and Godolphin car parks, and with Copper Spoon and Chapel Rock which suggest most visitors to Marazion this weekend were ‘locals’ from Redruth, Cambourne and other parts of Cornwall – not ‘tourists’ from up country.

PE expressed concern regarding local paranoid attitudes to tourists / visitors.

One was heard to blame tourists for the SW higher than average R rate – another thought SAE was putting wealth before health by opening car parks.

PE said it is essential that public health is the overriding priority but it must be understood that visits by local people and visitors are the life blood of the town.

We need to win hearts and minds of local residents and reassure them that visitors can be safely welcomed if businesses including accommodation, hospitality & retail adopt the necessary safeguards including social distancing and sanitization.

WC said the town relies on the holiday trade and some businesses might go under – we need to do the best we can and be as safe as we can.

Town Council DL said he had spoken with Harvey Thomas and the bins would be re-instated.

Harvey said the Mount intended to re-open the Mount Gardens in mid June, but entry would be restricted to advanced bookings and times ticketed admissions to coincide with low tides as ferries would not be operating.

Although we thought the Folly Field toilets would be opened with the car parks – in fact they are still closed pending proper arrangements to clean them at least 3 x daily which is proving difficult to arrange and is likely to be very expensive.

Unfortunately visitors to Marazion are sometimes desperate for the toilet and have been fouling the beach area.

JG said there were lots of walkers passing through Marazion and many were desperate for the toilet.

JB said fouling was a public health issue and the toilets need to be reopened ASAP.

DL said the council are doing risk assessments on all assets (play ground, toilets, cemetery, Maypole Gardens etc) to ensure necessary measures are in place. Play areas will stay closed for the time being.

Surgery JB started by  thanking DL for his letter sent to staff as it meant a lot to them all.

JB said track and trace was causing a few problems at the surgery. If a member of staff has contact with an infected person then theoretically the surgery would have to close. To prevent this scenario all staff now have to wear PPE including visors which is particularly uncomfortable in this hot weather.

A new GP Registrar would be staring in August

House calls continue, but only if necessary and full PPE is used.

Footfall at the surgery is increasing, however E-Consult and telephone consulting was still being widely used.

The covid R rate is high in the SW at the moment – but the SW is a big area and a spike in Bristol & Somerset is skewing the R number which is still low in this part of Cornwall.

MK asked if the surgery had any feedback from the testing facility in Penzance about numbers of local positive tests. JB said she did not have information on this.

JB said some local people were blatantly ignoring social distancing rules and complacency will lead to more  cases.

MzCSG MK said calls were low, but routine shopping and prescription deliveries continued to ‘regulars’. This week assistance was provided to 13 beneficiaries.

MK provided updates regarding the welfare of MS and JH.

MK said Dawn has been looking after Ruby’ MS’s dog and has refused money for pet food. MK discovered it was Dawns son Jack’s birthday this week and he wanted a skate board. MK checked with GR and has purchased a skateboard for Jack sending it with a card saying” thanks for looking after me love Ruby” – Approved by all present. Ruby is likely to be adopted by Dawn in long term.

MK has contacted the Cinnamon Trust regarding 2 x cats, but they need direct contact from MS before taking them on.

MK has not received £200 from Cornwall Council.









DL to chase up donation.

School JR said school staff were back preparing for extra children but would not re-open proper until a week on Wednesday.

JR had again delivered food parcels to those families that experience hardship but do not qualify for free school meal vouchers.

JR said parcels were really welcome – today when distributing parcels to a family where a grandmother lives at the home with  children the parcel was received with tears of thanks. Makes it very worthwhile.

GR has 5 bags of food donated by Morrisons which will be given to JR for school family food parcels.

JR has ‘hardship  funding’ enough for another month. MK asked JR to liaise with him regarding spending money as he can get a good discount at Morrisons through Ali their community champion.

Churches PB said they were doing paperwork risk assessments looking at re-opening churches, but no date as yet.

DL asked about on line services– PB said the uptake had been remarkable with as many as 800 people ‘attending’ on-line bible studies! whereas in chapel a dozen for a bible study would be a good turnout.

PE confirmed that PB had kindly consented for a £500 anonymous donation to be made via the Methodist Chapel and that gift aid could be reclaimed making the donation worth £600.

The donation was specifically to meet the needs of vulnerable persons in Marazion and can be spent on food & essential items.

Receipts will be required for reimbursement which would be paid by cheque.

JG said All Saints were also making arrangements to re-open and that the organ was being checked this week.

AOB WC said that more needs may be identified when children get back to school. Also track and trace could result in more people self isolating and then needing support with shopping etc. so the work of the group / forum remains important.

GR gave a welfare update on AW.

  Next meeting – 8.00pm Monday 8th June  


  These minutes approved at the forum meeting of 8th June.