Meeting minutes, Monday 26th October 2020

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Monday 26th October 2020 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Paul Benney (Methodist); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion […]
  1. Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Monday 26th October 2020

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Paul Benney (Methodist); Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School); Tracey Unstead (Marazion Town Clerk)  
Apologies Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery)  
Minutes Minutes of meeting 5th October approved for circulation  
Matters arising None  
Marazion Town Council DL welcomed Tracy Unstead the new Town Clerk to her first meeting.

DL reported that Marazion Playing Field playground refurbishment is complete and the playground had been officially opened with children from reception 1 being the first to try things out. The playground has been well used since then with children clearly enjoying themselves..

DL said the toilets in The Square will close at the end of October. The Folly Field will open at weekends and school holidays from November .

DL said a remembrance parade and church service could not take place due to social distancing rule of 6 restrictions, but there would be an ‘unofficial official’ wreath laying by the Council with Rev Paul Benney present at a quiet moment and other town organisations would be invited to place their wreaths at other times between remembrance Sunday and the 11th November. It was proposed that residents could stand in silence on their doorsteps at 11am on Remembrance Sunday and we would ask they decorate their windows with a remembrance display or theme.

There would be an ‘All Souls service at 4pm on 9th Nov to remember those lost during the last year. Given that funerals have been restricted this could be well attended, however the max church capacity is limited to 58 under current spacing rules.

DL & GR updated members re an outbreak of covid 19 at the Fire Engine, where Toby & Robyn were self isolating and the premises was closed. There are also 4 or 5 other confirmed cases in the town and one person was in hospital. Others were awaiting tests

JR said there was a case in the school community and one on St Michaels Mount.

WC said that we had done well to last the summer with very low cases, but now we needed to be very careful so that the virus did not spread through the town.










MzCSG MK said that there had been no phone calls to the covid helpline since the last meeting and it remained really quiet at the moment, but we are braced for an increase.

MK said things would be very different at Christmas with tough times ahead. Community events like having a meal for people living alone at Christmas could not go ahead, and it would be hard for lots of people living alone.

GR said she would speak with staff at Cobble Corner to see if they can identify specific needs amongst the elderly and vulnerable.

Marazion Churches PB said that Methodist services were continuing under the regulations and on-line services and bible studies were being provided.

JG said the church remains open with sanitiser stations, masks and QR codes etc, plus wiping down the pews and touch points regularly. The Church AGM was to be held directly after this Sunday service.

DL said with positive cases in the town it may be that there would be a need for the churches to become increasingly active in their pastoral and reassurance role as some people could be frightened by recent developments.

DL said that we all need to ‘up our game’ and encourage the community to guard against complacency without causing unnecessary alarm.

Marazion School JR reported that Marazion School first ½ term had gone well in the circumstances with all procedures working well.

Working with the children in bubbles meant tat if there was a positive case in school only tat bubble would have to self isolate, not the whole school.

JR said the school were working very closely with the Oasis Children’s centre as they shared parents / siblings.

The school were preparing for  virtual Halloween and a winter wonderland theme digital Christmas with a virtual Santa…..

Remote learning packages are still provided for children not at school, and in readiness for any future lockdowns, with contingencies aiming to get past Easter.

Food parcels have been arranged for ½ term for those families that need support.

JR said that soon she would probably need to be asking for some of the money held by PB to provide food to needy families after Christmas.

There is almost no parking on School lane a drop off / pick up times which is good.

Chamber of Commerce PE said that half term was busy in town which was good news for hospitality, retail and accommodation businesses but visitor numbers would now be dropping off in the run up to Christmas.

The new Covid Tier system has meant that people living in ‘Very High / Tier 3’ areas were being asked by the Government not to leave their area for holidays. However this is an ‘ask’ not enshrined in law, so we are relying on people abiding by recommendations.

Responsible accommodation providers are cancelling holiday bookings if guests are from the Tier 3 areas, but it will be hard to impose this upon Airbnb self-catering properties (who in general are not Chamber members).

The law does prohibit gatherings of more than 6 people on holiday (unless from the same family), so a number of larger self-catering properties have cancelled reservations and now limit bookings to 6 people only.

PE said that in view of the positive cases in Marazion it would be appropriate to comment on this on the MCSG facebook pages.

PE would put something together that would inform and remind local people of the need to be extra careful, but try to ensure it is not alarmist or frightening to others.

WC asked that given the disruption to the season by the spring / summer lockdown, how had businesses fared? PE said the Chamber was having a zoom meeting on 19th Nov after which we would be better placed to report on this, but the impression was that most businesses had done quite well considering nothing was open until 4th July. JG agreed that businesses had adapted to provide takeaways or on-line orders, or had diversified in other ways. Visitors numbers around the town seemed be up, perhaps because of limited access to the Mount, so the shops in general seemed to have had extra custom despite the challenges of keeping covid safe.



AOB WC said – it was good that the Covid coordination group had kept meeting throughout the summer when we didn’t have to do much, which now means that  we are well prepared for the forecasted peak that appears to now be affecting the town.  
Next Meeting Next Zoom meeting in 2 weeks time on Monday 9thNovember @ 8pm.