Meeting minutes, Wednesday 10th March 2021

Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference 8.00pm Wednesday 10th March 2021 Item   Action Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School);Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Rev. Paul Benney […]
  1. Minutes of Marazion Covid Coordination Forum ‘Zoom’ conference

8.00pm Wednesday 10th March 2021

Item   Action
Present Town Mayor Derek Laity (Chair); Deputy Mayor William Collins;  Cllr. Gabbie Reynolds (Marazion Town Council); Julia Greig (All Saints Church); Paul Elliott (Marazion Chamber of Commerce); Jenny Rainbow (Marazion School);Mike Kearon (Marazion Covid Support Group); Rev. Paul Benney (Methodist); Kathy Burge (Marazion Surgery).  
Apologies Jackie Brown (Marazion Surgery);  
Minutes Minutes of meeting 24th February approved for circulation  
Matters arising None  
Marazion Town Council DL asked all to review the group consensus that the town playgrounds should remain closed until 29th March.

JR said Although schools have re-opened, we are still in lockdown, the advice remains ‘stay at home’, the school operates in bubbles and it’s important not to do anything that encourages mixing.

There had been no adverse reaction from parents after the playground opening date of 29th March was announced and there’s no need to change the decision now.

All present in agreement.

GR said the dog mess posters are being done by children.

DL said approval for a Town Council website had been given and the site was currently under construction.


JR to include in school newsletter


MzCSG MK said still a bit of shopping and support being provided including to a person who has ben shielding but was taken ill whilst driving.

MK confirmed that all prescriptions were being delivered by the pharmacy. The initial ‘panic’ for prescriptions during the first lockdown from people with breathing difficulties has abated.




Marazion Surgery KB said  there would be a delivery of vaccine tomorrow and for the next2 weeks. Cohort 7 was complete (all over 60 to 65’s) and consent was being asked to start on cohort 8. (55 to 59’s) The Gov’t are keen to ensure the whole country is in step with vaccination progress.

If there is spare vaccine which might be wasted KB said people in cohort 8 were being contacted and asked to attend the surgery at short notice.

The surgery is still receiving high telephone calls so a patient general enquiry e-mail of     has been created. PE asked to circulate this to Marazion residents via FB

PE also asked to publicise Mz surgery FB page and ask people to like and follow to keep up to date with surgery news.

KB to ensure appropriate hash tags to #Marazion is included in their posts then it will automatically go to any Marazion FB page.

Mz surgery is also seeking recruits for its ‘patient participation group’ and invited members of the board to join.

Marazion Churches JG said the church hall would be re-opened when permitted, but otherwise there had been no changes.

PB said the Methodists churches hoped to re-open for Easter Day, but would remain closed until mid April with zoom meetings ongoing. Sunday morning Zoom meetings now welcome people from afar afield as Bolton and Macclesfield…

Some Zoom services would probably continue after lockdown ends.






Marazion School JR said Mz school has fully re-opened on Monday, and no parents had opted to keep their children away. School has reintroduced the learning bubble system with as many lessons being held out of doors in the fresh air as possible. This week lessons have been mostly PHSE focused to enable children to settle back into school, with the regular curriculum learning scheduled to be reintroduced from next week.

Some activities – notably swimming lessons which hadn’t taken place for over a year were still not possible, which was a concern given our proximity to the sea.

10 new children have been welcomed to the school in person who previously were only known through zoom. Some of these children were from families who have moved into the new development at Warspite Way.

All the children were excited and happy to be back and the staff are very pleased to get back to a ‘new normal’. Zoom is still being used for celebrations and assemblies.

JR said she was pleased that parent car parking arrangements at drop off and pick up times continued to be away from school lane which really helped reduce congestion improved road safety.

JR said that all staff continued lateral flow tests twice weekly and that now parents of primary age children could also be tested free of charge at a centre in Penzance if they wished.

JR said that there 7 food parcels remaining in storage and asked if the group agreed they should be distributed to families who she knew were in financial hardship. All present agreed.

JR said that at Christmas the school used £350 from the Rotary hardship fund to support families with Morrisons vouchers. It was felt that because Morrisons had supported the group so much with donations that purchasing food vouchers there was in a small way paying back their generosity.

JR said the school would break up for Easter from Good Friday (2nd April) for 2 weeks.

Chamber of Commerce PE said he had intervened following a report that a holiday cottage had been booked by an individual using the exception that she was moving house when it was clear this was not true. The holiday Agency (Cornish Horizons) has now cancelled the reservation.

A couple of holiday properties in town are being used legitimately by people who are moving house or self-isolating, or staying for work purposes

PE confirmed that travel was relaxed from 29th March, but there could be no overnight stays before 12th April (at the earliest).

All shops and Outdoor hospitality could reopen from 12thApril but social distancing rules still apply. Indoor hospitality cannot re-start until 17th May

All B&B’s & Hotels plus self catering properties with shared entrances or facilities (flats and apartments) cannot re-open until 17th May.

DL asked whether PE knew if some people would come and stay before Monday 12th April ? PE said he didn’t ‘know’, but fully anticipated that some people, most likely some property owners would come down on Friday 10th. Given the fact that self catering cottages pay business rates it could be argued that these owners run businesses and do need to come down to prepare cottages for holiday use. Whilst perhaps stretching things PE doubted Cornwall Council or the police would be able to intervene if owners came down 2 days earlier than officially allowed. It would be a different matter if they came down for Easter week from Good Friday.

PE said Marazion will start to feel busier from 29th March when people are allowed to travel further and would  be busier still when the Easter school holidays started as Cornish families would no doubt come to visit the beach.

PE said a new Marazion Town  Group FB page ‘Marazion Town Group – A local group for local people’   had been created.

This was probably in response to the fact that Marazion Memories FB page was being used inappropriately to comment on some matters (notably the car park changes).

PE had commented on posts that were getting out of hand and defamatory, and he had criticised the administrator of the site for not better controlling comments. Shortly afterwards that post was removed.

PE said the existing ‘Marazion ‘  FB page  had been created by Aiden Smith from Mounts Bay Caravan Park for touristic purposes and use by Chamber Members. PE had resisted attempts by locals to ‘hijack’ and merge this Chamber Marazion site, which is probably why the Marazion Town locals FB page has been created.

DL thanks PE for intervening and helping put a halt to offensive and inaccurate comments that had been appearing on the Mz Memories site.

PE said the Chamber of Commerce AGM was to be held at 10am on 16th March. All present were welcome to attend.

DL agreed to allow the Chamber to use the Town Council zoom account for the meeting. PE said the AGM would include a presentation by the ‘Experience’ project which was investing around 2 million Euros in the Penzance to Marazion area this year and would be of interest to all businesses and town organisations.



AOB WC said he was pleased to see that Marazion Covid Support Group received a mention on an election canvassing flyer recently delivered from the Local MP. Nice to see the group recognised in such a way.  
Next Meeting Next Zoom meeting in 3 weeks time at 8.00pm on Wednesday 31st  March.