Unmissable Marazion – what you really need to see

You’ve arrived in Marazion, so what are the five essentials that you need to do and see?

St Michael’s Mount: it goes without saying that you need to take a trip over the causeway to visit St Michael’s Mount. Even if you don’t go up to the castle, you’ll still feel the magic of this iconic place.

The beach: a walk along our lovely, golden sands is another essential. Lapped by the clear, turquoise waters of Mount’s Bay, a sweeping panorama opens up in front of you from the Lizard to Mousehole. And should you visit the town when a storm is blowing, you will just love the crashing waves that beat our shores that can’t help but make you feel alive. Plus, the beach offers safe, sheltered access to the water for bathing , paddling or other activities.

The town: take a stroll through our town. Stop off for a relaxing drink or snack at one of our cafes or pubs. Visit the art galleries that are packed with local work. Take home a gift from one of our gift shops. Then, in the evening, don’t go home: instead, eat out in Marazion then enjoy an evening walk along the promenade (by the Folly Field) and gaze at the majestic castle – especially if it is floodlit.

Marazion in Bloom: if you visit the town in the Summer, you can’t fail to be impressed by the effort that is put in to the floral decorations. From the Maypole Gardens next to the Godolphin Arms, to the planters in the Square outside the Marazion Hotel, to the countless window boxes and pots that our residents put out on the street to brighten up our streets.

Christmas in Marazion: we are a town for all seasons, and if you are fortunate enough to be here in December, you will see another warm-hearted side to Marazion. All through the town, there is a splendid themed display of Christmas lights and in the Square stands an enormous Christmas tree. As you walk through the town, many house windows are decorated with Christmas scenes. The real treat is Christmas Eve in the Square, when Father Christmas arrives on a sleigh pulled by a donkey and hands out presents to the younger children of the town.