Martin Studios

Paul and Viv Martin formed Martin Studios in the early 1980s and recently relocated to Blue Horizon in Fore Street, Marazion. they are well known in Brighton and Worthing, but have been frequent visitors to Cornwall for nearly 40 years, always finding inspiration for their art.

They are committed to the tradition of holding Open Studio events that enable people interested in their work to meet the artists and see examples of work in progress alongside finished work amongst all the equipment, materials and ideas in their studios.

Viv’s work develops from experience, like being amongst ancient stones or seeing dolphins dancing across the bay. Her work includes monotype, etching, solarplate and woodcut, but often uses these prints with watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings.

Like Viv, Paul gets his inspiration from the world around him, from standing stones in Cornwall and Brittany to exchanging breathes with the bronze horses of San Marco in Venice. His favourite medium is oil paint though he uses any material that works to explore and capture his ideas!

If you would like to be invited to Martin Studios events, sign up on their website, where you will find their virtual galleries, information and blogs.